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Non-Manufacturing Non-Resident Liquor Sellers Permit


Required Documents for a Non-Manufacturing Non-Resident Sellers Permit

1.     $3,000.00 Annual License Fee
2.     Non-Manufacturing Non-Resident Application. Form AB-0132
3.     Questionnaire (Form AB-0009) (each owner, partner or officer)
4.     Copy of Lease and/or Deed, or other document evidencing possession or right to
        possess the physical premises or real property for the proposed location.
5.     Copy of TTB Basic Permit as a wholesaler
6.     Copy of all loan contracts and of all financial assistance received by the applicant(s).
7.     Copy of all contracts between applicant and any Tennessee manufacturer manufacturing product
         on applicants behalf, including any contract regarding the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, the  
         provision of consulting services or trademarks.
8.     TABC Inspection done by TABC Agent
9.     Acknowledgement sheet of ABC’s Rules and Regulations
10.    Copy of Sales and Use Tax Registration (Obtained from Tennessee Department of   
11.    Certificate of Occupancy (from your local Codes Department)


If Corporate Partnership, LLC, LP, Ownership


12.    Copy of Corporate Charter or organizational documents
13.    List of stockholders, members, or owners and percentage of stock or interest owned by each 
14.    List of officers
15.    Certificate of Existence, if corporation


Non-Manufacturing Non-Resident Sellers Permit renewal process


  1. License issued is good for one (1) year from the date of issuance.
  2. To renew submit a new application and fee of $3,000.
  3. If there are any new changes in the materials provided during the last licensure, updated versions of said material are required.