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Wineries license information

Annual License Fee:  $150.00
Non-Refundable Application Fee - $300.00
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1Application Form.     Form AB 0070.   This application should be notarized and filled out completely.  The cut off date for all information to be received in this office (in order to be placed on the agenda) is two (2) weeks prior to the Commission meeting.  (Form enclosed).

2Questionnaires.     Form AB 0009.     Owners, partners, officers, managers and/or any person who owns five percent (5%) or more in the corporation or the business, should complete these forms.  All questionnaires should be filled out completely.  (Form enclosed).  

  1.  Copy of approval from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture.  (Tennessee

 Department of Agriculture, Regulatory Services Food & Dairy, 615/837-5155 or

3.  Copy of approval from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms    Form ATF 5630.5.   A copy of the Federal Basic Permit needs to be included in the application packet.    

4.  Copy of lease, deed and/or other documents evidencing possession or right to possess   physical premises or real property for the proposed location.

5.  Sales and Use Tax Registration Number.   This can be obtained from the Tennessee Department of Revenue, 3rd Floor, Andrew Jackson Building, 500 Deaderick Street, Nashville, Tennessee   37242, phone number 615/253-0600.

6. Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission Inspection.

7. Use and Occupancy permit from the local codes department.


8.  Copy of Corporate Charter.

9. List of stockholders and percentage of stock owned by each.

10. List of officers of the corporation and minutes.


11.  Copy of Partnership Agreement.


Fill out application and send check for $150.00. Please make sure your Tennessee Sales Taxes are paid current. Expiration of license is dated on the license or permit.