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Liquor By the Drink licensing information

Liquor-By-the-Drink (LBD) licenses or On-Premise Consumption licenses may be issued to restaurants, hotels, private clubs and other establishments that are eligible under Tennessee law. An LBD or On-Premise Consumption license allows an establishment to sell and dispense alcoholic beverages that contain an alcoholic content greater than five percent (5%) by weight, for example, liquor, wine and high alcohol content beer. Wine-only licenses are available for eligible restaurants.

A catering license is available for businesses or individuals that want to offer food and alcoholic beverage service at various locations. In order to be eligible for a catering license, an entity must operate a permanent catering hall on an exclusive basis, have complete and adequate commercial kitchen facilities, and be licensed as a caterer by the Tennessee Department of Health.

The TABC does not have jurisdiction over alcoholic beverages with an alcoholic content of 5% or less – to apply for a beer permit, establishments should contact the local beer board

Please see Fees, which lists all license fees. The final fee for either license depends on the number of acceptable seats available in the establishment. See fees for restaurants.

The process to obtain a LBD license for a restaurant or hotel is described by the Step-by-step guide to obtain a liquor license. For LBD resturant requirements, please see restaurant requirements. The basic LBD requirements for a hotel involve just the Liquor and Wine license, a Wine only license is not available for hotels, see hotel requirements.

LBD licenses are available for other types of establishment, please see others.


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