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Who is a Horticulture Producer?

For the purposes of TAEP, an eligible Horticulture working farm/existing operation is involved in the production of tree/plant stock for sale and is aimed at increasing profitability of the operation.
• Tree farms
• Nurseries
• Plant farms

Horticulture Applicant Requirements


  • Applicants may only submit one Application B per Federal IRS Schedule F, per person, per application period.
  • The applicant’s business must produce the majority of their plants from seed or cutting to finished product.
    — Businesses purchasing finished product to resale that equals majority or more of their gross sales are not eligible.

Consumer & Industry Services (Regulatory):

  • Producers must meet all state and local regulatory requirements at time of application submission (June 1-7, 2015).
  • Applicants producing nursery stock, greenhouse plants, turfgrass, etc. must be licensed by the State of Tennessee.
    — Contact the Tennessee Department of Agriculture – Consumer and Industry Services at 615-837-5137 for more
    information on required permits.


Horticulture Producer Cost Share Opportunities

Standard Producer – 35% Cost Share - $10,000 Maximum
All approved applicants with Horticulture projects are eligible for 35% cost share.
There are no special requirements for 35% cost share.

Master Producer – 50% Cost Share - $15,000 Maximum
To be eligible for 50% cost share, all approved applicants with Horticulture projects must
complete all special requirements prior to the program reimbursement deadline of May 1, 2015.

Special Requirements for 50% Cost Share
Must complete all coursework in the UT Master Nursery Producer Program (TMNP)
1. UT Master Nursery Producer Program (TMNP)
— For more information about the Tennessee Master Nursery Producer Program certification, contact the UT Coordinator's office at (865) 974-7152

Additional Special Requirement Information
  • All sector special requirements must be completed by the applicant prior to the program reimbursement deadline May 1, 2016.
  • The registered name for the special requirement must be the same name as the individual applying for cost share funding.
  • Certificates will expire three (3) years after issuance - click here to view certificate timeline.
  • Visit the Producer Diversification Course Requirements Calendar to view upcoming courses that will apply towards the Horticulture special requirements.

What Horticulture Projects Qualify for TAEP?

The proposed activity/project must encompass quality expansion or improvement of the applicant’s farm and business. The eligible categories are:
Farm Infrastructure, Specialty Equipment and Marketing. Examples of eligible and ineligible items are provided on page 13.

Competitive Projects – Horticulture:

  • Priority is given to projects that are focused on improving or increasing production.
  • Marketing projects that are long term in nature are allowed but are not considered as competitive as those involving production.

Eligible Horticulture Items:
  • Not all eligible items are listed, please contact the Producer Diversification Coordinator for project eligibility or clarification prior to applying for TAEP cost share.
  • All eligible items requested may not be approved due to the competitive evaluation of
    the program.

Aeration system – flowers
Cold frames*
Cold Storage –*
• Walk in cooler
• Components
Container production area*
Drying house – flowers*
Fan – greenhouse
Fertilizer equipment
Field planter
Filter system – irrigation
Filter pump – irrigation
Gravel – geotextile preferred
• Foundation*
• Propagation area*
• Container production
Greenhouse –*
• Covering
• Overwintering
• Shade system
• Structure
Heater – greenhouse
High tunnel/hoop house*
Irrigation –
• Controller system
• Drip
• Filter system
• Overhead
• Pivot
• Pump
Lighting – not for aesthetics
• Greenhouse*

Loading area/dock*
Packing facility*
Packing line equipment
Pond liner – irrigation system
Potting building*
Potting wagon
Propagation building*
Propagation mats
Pump – irrigation, filter
Rolling carts
Sod harvester
Soil mixer?
Spray equipment
Thermal tag printer –
horticulture only
Thermostat – greenhouse
Tree baler –standing
Tree claw
Tree lifter/shaker
Tree hauling wagons
Tree spade
Tree transplanter
Tree trimmer
Water level control
Water storage tanks
Website development –
see ineligible
Wood boiler

* Include dimensions and designs

Ineligible Horticulture Items – Most commonly requested

Building – storage
Containers – bottles, pots, packaging
Display – trade show
Driveways, trails, paths, roads, etc
Electrical consumption
Fees – domain, hosting,
Give a way items
Golf cart
Labor – applicant or employees of applicant
Land – clearing of
Maintenance of existing structures,
equipment, items etc.
Meeting expenses

Motorized vehicles
Office equipment
Plants – liners/plugs
Ponds – digging of, for
a water source
Product development
Property – purchase or debt
Renovations –
of existing structures
Seeds – produce, nursery,
flowers, etc
Store – general
Trade show expenses
Trailers – livestock
Used equipment
Water source creation – ponds/wells
Website – annual or hosting fees
Wells – drilling of

For additional information call 1-800-342-8206 or email
Click here for more references
Eligibility Requirements Application Rules Application B Materials W9 Form Application B Instructions