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Frequently Asked Questions on Weights and Measures

How do I file a Weights and Measures related consumer complaint?

  • Call 1-800-628-2631 or 615-837-5109. Consumer should have name and address of the establishment including street name/ number and city along with a description of the exact nature of the problem for all complaints. Please furnish the pump number or the physical location of the pump at the establishment and grade of fuel for pump related complaints. Please furnish the location of the scale at the establishment if it is a scale related complaint. For price verification or net weight complaints, consumer should furnish the brand/name and size/weight of the commodities and any other applicable information that may assist us.

I have a question on the calibration of my mass or volume standards.

  • Call 615-837-5109.

How do I apply for a Certified Public Weigher, Weighmaster, or Serviceperson License?

  • Call 615-837-5147 or 615-837-5109.