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Permits, Licenses and Regulatory Issues

Consumer and Industry Services sets high standards of quality to ensure Tennessee consumers have a safe, effective, and fair marketplace. These standards are maintained through permitting and licensure programs.

Many required forms are available on our Downloadable Forms Page.

Feed, Seed and Fertilizer

Feed Facility License - To authorize someone to manufacture, distribute, or label feed as the guarantor in Tennessee. Contact: Rane Sewell - 615-837-5513 -

Commercial Fertilizer Registration - To authorize someone to distribute a commercial fertilizer in Tennessee. Contact: Dan Danielson - 615-837-5135 -

Seed Dealer License - To authorize someone to sell agricultural and vegetable seed in packages greater than one pound in Tennessee. Contact: Cissy Neely - 615-837-5406 - 

Anhydrous Ammonia Permit - To authorize someone to dispense anhydrous ammonia in Tennessee. Contact: Patty Hutchison - 615-837-5445 - 

Agricultural Lime Manufacturers License - To authorize someone to make, shape or package agricultural lime in Tennessee. Contact: Patty Hutchison - 615-837-5445 - 

Grain Dealers License - Tennessee Commodity Indemnity Fund - To authorize someone to purchase or store grain for farmers in Tennessee. Contact: Richard Stepanski - 615-837-5339 - in Nashville, or Evan Boyd - 731-514-5708 - in Jackson.

For all other questions regarding the Tennessee Commodity Indemnity Fund contact David Waddell - 615-837-5331 -


Pesticide Product Registration - For making restricted-use pesticide products available for sale in Tennessee. Contact: Dean Lay - 615-837-5187 - 

Pesticide Dealer Licensing - For selling restricted-use pesticide products in Tennessee. Contact: John Ewell - 615-837-5340 - 

Pesticide Applicator Testing and Recertification Points - For test scheduling and verifying point status. Contact: Gerry Mires - 615-837-5232 -  

License Issuance - For establishing and maintaining the right to apply pesticides for a fee in Tennessee. Contact: John Ewell - 615-837-5340 - 

Pesticide Issues - For pesticide enforcement, including consumer related complaints concerning a pesticide application. Contact: Rick Foster - 615-837-5138 - 

Certification and Licensing - For use of any restricted-use pesticides as either a private or commercial applicator, schools approved for points, license exams. Contact: Mary Borthick - 615-837-5310 -

Worker Protection Trainer Certification - To obtain certification to train agricultural employees and pesticide handlers as required under the Worker Protection Standard. Contact: Rich Strickland - 615-837-5523 - 

Worker Protection Training Verification Cards - For verification of training or to obtain Worker Protection training verification cards to show that training has occurred. Contact: Rich Strickland - 615-837-5523 - 

For all other questions regarding Tennessee's Commercial Feed, Fertilizer, Agricultural Lime, Anhydrous ammonia programs and the Worker Protection Standard contact Dan Danielson, Administrator - 615-837-5135 -

Weights and Measures

Weighmaster - To weigh livestock, cotton, grain, tobacco, dairy or miscellaneous items in commerce.  Contact: Amanda Parks - - 615-837-5147.

Certified Public Weigher - To weigh sand, gravel and rock products. Contact: Amanda Parks - - 615-837-5147.

Commercial Scale Testing - For approving scales for use in commerce. Contact: Robert G. Williams - - 615-837-5109.

Commercial Gas Pump Testing - For approving gasoline pumps for use in commerce. Contact: Robert G. Williams - - 615-837-5109.

Grain Moisture Meter Testing - For approving grain moisture testing devices for use in commerce.  Contact: Robert G. Williams - - 615-837-5109.

Food and Dairy

Tobacco - For information concerning youth access to tobacco products. Contact: Sherrie Kemp - - 615-837-5545

Grade A/Grade B Dairy Barns - For new grade A/grade B dairy barns or existing ones changing ownership or location. Contact: Bill Thompson- - 615-837-5534

Dairy/Frozen Dessert Distributors - In- and out-of-state companies must license trucks for distributing their products in Tennessee.  Contact: Bill Thompson- - 615-837-5534

Dairy Testers - All testers of milk in Tennessee plants must be licensed. Contact: Bill Thompson- - 615-837-5534

Dairy Plant License - All Tennessee Dairy Plants must have an annual license. Contact: Bill Thompson- - 615-837-5534

Dairy Product Registration - All dairy products sold in Tennessee must be registered. Each label is registered.  Contact: Bill Thompson- - 615-837-5534

Frozen Dessert License - All Tennessee plants with frozen dessert products must have a license. Contact: Bill Thompson- - 615-837-5534

Sampler/Weighmaster License - All people sampling milk in Tennessee, whether at the farm or for milk transport must have a license. Contact: Bill Thompson- - 615-837-5534

Egg License - A permit is required for all egg distributors selling eggs in Tennessee. Contact: Bill Thompson- - 615-837-5534

Vending License - Permit for vending commissaries that make and put potentially hazardous food in vending machines for resale. Contact: Mike Brown - - 615-837-5177

Meat/Custom Slaughter Business License - Permit for operating a custom slaughter business, change of ownership. Contact: Mike Brown - - 615-837-5177

Retail Food Store License - For any person in Tennessee wanting to start a food store business, change of ownership, or a store that is changing locations. Contact: Shanna Lively - - 615-837-5176

Plan Review for Food Business - All new businesses must send in plans for approval before building/opening the business. Also plans for changes to an existing business must be approved. Contact: Ronald Murphy - - 615-837-5153

Consumer Complaints - To register a complaint on a food product purchased at a retail grocery. If product was manufactured out of state, call the FDA toll free at 1-866-289-3399. Contact TDA at 615-837-5193.

Food Manufacturers License - For any person starting a food manufacturing business in Tennessee to sell their product at retail. Contact: Mike Brown - - 615-837-5177 or Bill Thompson- 615-837-5534

Plant Certification

Contact: Walker Gray Haun at - 615-837-5137.

Florist Certificate - An establishment whose primary business is the retail sale of fresh cut flowers: a florist shall not be considered a dealer; provided that the sales of rooted plant material sold by such florist shall be those used to enhance fresh cut flower arrangements, or which are intended to be grown and maintained indoors and which are not intended to be planted in the landscape. A florist certificate is not required if rooted plants are not sold.

Greenhouse Grown Plants Certificate - Any glass house, screen house or other structure in which plants, are grown, kept, or propagated for sale or distribution requires a greenhouse certificate. 

A Hobbyist Greenhouse Certificate is required for plants grown in a greenhouse with an area less than 600 square feet.

Landscaper Certificate - includes, but is not limited to, any person(s) who keeps at a premises, or procures for transplantation, nursery stock for installation on the property of another person.

Native Wild Plant Certificate - To collect, sell, or raise native wild plants for sale in Tennessee.

Nursery Certificate - Any grounds or premises on or in which nursery stock is grown, kept or propagated for sale or distribution requires a Nursery Certificate. Nurseries smaller than 600 square feet require a Hobbyist Certificate.

Strawberry Plant Certificate - To raise strawberry plants for sale in Tennessee.

Sweet Potato Certificate - To sell certified sweet potato plants and slips in Tennessee.

Turfgrass Certificate - To produce certified turfgrass sod for sale in Tennessee.  Non-certified sod requires a Nursery Certificate.

Plant Dealer Certificate - A person not a grower of nursery stock or other plants who buys or otherwise acquires nursery stock or other plants for the purpose of reselling or otherwise distributing same independently of any control of the grower.  Those selling in an area of 100 square feet or less can use a Limited Plant Dealer Certificate instead.

Phytosanitary Certificate - To certify pest-free status for sale or transport of plants (or plant parts) as required by other states or countries. Contact your Plant Inspector for application and requirements.

Fees for Certificates

Animal Health

Brand Registration - For registering a livestock brand.  Contact for an application: Kelly Lang – - 615-837-5120.

Livestock Dealer License - Any person who buys, receives, or assembles livestock for resale, either for such person's own account or that of another person, must obtain a license. Contact for an application: Kelly Lang – - 615-837-5120.

Baby Chick Sale License - To offer baby chicks for sale in Tennessee. Contact for an application: or the State Veterinarian’s office for further information at 615-837-5120.

Animal Import/Export Requirements - Requirements may vary from state to state. The USDA website provides information on each state's requirements. For Tennessee requirements contact the Tennessee Animal Health office at 615-837-5120. For further information, contact the state of destination. Animals exported outside the United States are subject to federal regulations.  Contact: USDA, Veterinary Services - 615-781-5310.

Entry Permits - At present, Tennessee requires pre-entry permit numbers on swine and CWD susceptible cervidae entering the state. Permit numbers may be obtained from the Animal Health office at 615- 837-5120 during regular business hours (8:00-4:30 M-F). Permits for other species are not required.

Ordering Health Certificate Forms and Coggins Test Forms - These forms are only issued to accredited veterinarians. Contact: Supply Room - 615-837-5231.