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There are a number of meetings, conferences and workshops held around the country each year that generate information which could be very helpful to individuals with disabilities and their families. However, people cannot always afford to attend these events because the cost of travel or registration may be too high.

The Council established its Consumer Education Grant Program to address this problem.

A simple application form is available to:

  • An individual with a disability;
  • A parent of an individual with a disability;
  • A family member of an individual with a disability; or
  • The guardian for an individual with a disability

who wishes to attend a meeting, conference, or workshop related to their disability. The Council awards these grants based on the following priorities:

Priority #1 - First Time Applicants

Priority #2 - First Time Attendees at Particular Activity or Event

Priority #3 - Applicants from Rural Areas

Priority #4 - Efforts to Secure Other Resources

Priority #5 - First Come, First Served

Grants to individuals may go up to $500 and grants for any single activity or event, regardless of how many people apply, are limited to $2,000.

When an award is made, the Council can reimburse for the approved expenses after you have attended the meeting or conference. The Council has no mechanism for advancing funds before an event takes place.

All applications are subject to the availability of funds

Please note that in all categories, individuals who are employed by an agency or are board members of agencies will not receive support to attend conferences specifically related to their agencies or profession.


For more information on our Consumer Education Grant, please contact:

Errol Elshtain
Council on Developmental Disabilities
Parkway Towers, Suite 130

 404 James Robertson Parkway

Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0228
Phone: 615-532-6560
TTY (615) 741-4562
Fax: 615-532-6964
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