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Tips For Using Our Site

Some of our visitors will know less than others about computers. That's okay! No one is born knowing how to use a computer, and it's never too late to learn. Here are some tips that might make your visit today easier:


You can increase the size of the words and pictures on the monitor.

Near the bottom left of your keyboard is a key labeled Ctrl for "Control". (There are actually two of these Ctrl keys. The second is on the opposite side, for use by your right hand.)


Keyboard controls


By itself, that key does nothing. Hold it down and press it with the + key (near the top of your keyboard) and it will make things larger. Hold it down and press it with the - key (also near the top) and things on the screen will become smaller.

Control keys


Mouse wheel

Use your mouse to resize the page.

If you have a mouse with a wheel on the top, you can hold down the Control key and move the mouse wheel at the same time to make things larger or smaller. There are other ways to change the size of things on your monitor, but the examples provided are probably the easiest.







Search Bar example

See the Search bar in the upper right corner of the page?

You can type anything you want into that box and search, but it searches the whole site, not just our section of the site. So, just know that the search results may take you to other pages, like TennCare, if there's a match on their site. It all depends on the words you use to search.






Need a PDF viewer?

Some of our documents are in a PDF format. If you click on something and it won't open, you may need a PDF viewer. Don't worry, you can get a free one from Adobe called Adobe Reader. It's quick and easy to download and install, and then you can come right back to our site and view the document you wanted. When you download, just be sure to uncheck the optional offer (whatever that is at the time) if it isn't something you want. You don't have to download anything else to get the free viewer.


If you aren't sure if you need the viewer or not, click here for a list of Tennessee Senior Centers. If it opens and you can read the list, you're good. If not, then you need the viewer.