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Department of Commerce & Insurance

Consumer Complaints


Consumers are encouraged to file complaints with Consumer Affairs when they feel they have been the victim on an unfair or deceptive business practice.


These complaints are assigned to trained Consumer Protection Specialists for mediation.


Please note that a complaint may also be referred by the division to the specializied regulatory boards within the department or other local, state and federal agencies when regulatory oversight is necessary.


Consumers may report suspected misconduct or other violations of a respective profession to the appropriate licensing agency.


These complaints are then reviewed to determine any necessary disciplinary action.


Please use the following links to obtain information on how to file a complaint:


Consumer Affairs General Complaints

Consumer Affairs Price-Gouging Complaints

Insurance Division  (insurance companies and products)

Regulatory Boards (visit their website for a list of the professions)

Securities Division (investment companies)

TennCare Oversight Division (TennCare Managed Care Companies)