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Field Services



The mission of the division of Probation and Parole Field Services is to supervise and facilitate the reintegration of probationers and parolees into the community. This mission is a component of the agency's overall mission to minimize public risk and promote the lawful behavior by prudent, orderly release and community supervision of adult felons at the least cost to taxpayers.

Inclement Weather Conditions: Offenders who are required to report to probation or parole offices, but are unable to get there, should call the reporting office before their scheduled appointment time.

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Parole Supervision

Probation Supervision

Determinate Release

Safety Trainers

Technical Violators Programs

Psychiatric Social Workers

Programmed Supervision Unit/GPS Monitoring

Apprehension and Enforcement Unit

Offender Resources

The Field Services Division is structured with 17 district offices and 47 field locations, each serving a designated number of counties within each district.