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Statistics and Information

Research Briefs

This page contains research briefs conducted by the Tennessee Department of Correction Planning and Research staff.

Drug Research Brief (pdf)(413 kb) - This research brief is a more exhaustive look at Tennessee's incarcerated felon population.  Felony drug and alcohol violations are given for admissions, releases, and the stock population for fiscal year 2002/2003.

TIBRS (Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System) Research Brief (pdf)(138 kb) - This research brief provides a logical approach towards categorizing offense codes for inmates incarcerated in the Tennessee Department of Correction.

TDOC Release Trends and Failure Rates - Recidivism (1999-2003) (pdf)(277 kb) - This research brief examines the release trends and failure rates of all incarcerated felons released from TDOC and privately managed facilities.  The report details the relationships between different release types (i.e., probation, expiration and parole) and releasing institutions (i.e., prison versus jail).

TDOC Release Trends and Failure Rates - Recidivism (1993-1999) (pdf)(107 kb)

Drug Research Brief - New Commitments - This research brief examines the new drug commitments to TDOC from 1997 to 2001.

Overview of Juvenile Offenders (pdf)(120 kb) - This fact sheet presents a brief overview of the characteristics of juvenile felony offenders in the TDOC system.

Aging Prison Population in Tennessee (pdf)(41 kb) - This fact sheet summarizes the findings of a demographic examination of the population of older inmates in Tennessee.  Older inmates are defined as those who are age 50 and over.

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