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Tennessee Prison for Women Transition Center

The Exodus 40-bed female program is a prime example of the department's effort to focus on the rehabilitation of felony offenders.  The transition center utilizes a modified therapeutic community model that promotes awareness, responsibility and accountability.

The transition center program is a three (3) phase approach lasting approximately nine (9) months.  The first phase is assessment and program orientation.  The second phase is main treatment with a focus on community service.  Phase three consists of re-entry preparation with the primary focus on employment, housing and relapse prevention.

In order to be eligible for the transition center program, an offender must meet the following eligibility criteria:

Bullet Blue Dot  Annex placement eligible
Bullet Blue Dot  BOPP referred
Bullet Blue Dot  Within 12-15 months of release eligibility or expiration of sentence
Bullet Blue Dot  Must be able to physically perform job functions
Bullet Blue Dot  No Class A or B offenses within the last six months


Transition Center Program Attributes

Bullet Blue Dot  Modified therapeutic community model
Bullet Blue Dot  Assessment of criminogenic issues, addiction severity, employment and vocational training, socialization and relationships
Bullet Blue Dot  Phase progression
Bullet Blue Dot  Drug testing
Bullet Blue Dot  Community service
Bullet Blue Dot  Focus on employment retention
Bullet Blue Dot  Fees assessed to off-set costs

Program Services Offered

Bullet Blue Dot  Employment readiness and placement assistance
Bullet Blue Dot  Relapse prevention planning
Bullet Blue Dot  Victim impact awareness
Bullet Blue Dot  Cognitive behavioral therapy to address thinking distortions
Bullet Blue Dot  Discharge planning
Bullet Blue Dot  Community service
Bullet Blue Dot  Parole preparation
Bullet Blue Dot  Mentoring services

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