c Parole Hearing Scheduled Dates

This link includes telephones numbers to call IF YOU ARE ATTENDING the parole hearing.    Your parole hearing experience will be better if we know to expect you!


c “What to expect at a Parole Hearing” informational booklet


c Directions to Institutions

Prescription drugsYour prescription drugs are NOT allowed in the prison.  ANY ALLOWANCES MUST be arranged in advance, and may require a doctor’s note . . . NO EXCEPTIONS!

Medical metal implants or hardware:  If you have a prosthesis, artificial limbs (plastic or other substances), cardiac pacemakers or defibrillators or any other related artificial devices intended to replace or augment a missing or impaired part of the body, you may be required to present a doctor’s note to be allowed through security.

Tobacco products:  ALL prisons are now smoke free.  This means you may NOT smoke in the parking lot, nor inside the institutions.  Once you arrive on State Institution property, you must put your smokes away until you again leave state property.

Hand guns:  NO HAND GUNS are allowed on State Institution property, including inside your vehicle.  This includes persons who have a carry permit for a gun.  Please, leave your weapons at home.

Roadblocks:  Sometimes prisons will set up a roadblock, and all cars and persons may be searched before entering the prison.  In case of a roadblock, attendees at a parole hearing must comply, or you will be asked to leave.  If any weapons, alcohol, or illegal substances are found on your person or in your vehicle, you may be asked to leavethe facility, or you may be arrested.

Drug Dogs:  The institution facilities routinely have the drug dogs searching for drugs in their parking lots.  If one of the dogs comes up and sniffs your car, he is doing his work.  Remember, if any weapons, alcohol, or illegal substances are found on your person or in your vehicle, you may be asked to leave the facility, or you may be arrested.

New information from the institutions

— Prepare for feeling distressed as the result of being in a place where you are NOT in control.  Victims were not in control when crime happened; and  a frequent response is to be very uncomfortable with loss of personal control.  Security is in control for YOUR safety and ours!

— Expect to be uncomfortable when you hear the prison gates slam.

Everyone (staff and visitors) goes through metal detectors and searches.

— Plan on delays!  Practice patience… becoming upset will not hurry the process.

— Use of PROFANITY may get you expelled.

Tips to survive a parole hearing

Board of Probation and Parole

Victim Services Manager

404 James Robertson Parkway, #1300

Nashville, TN  37243-0850

Phone:  615-741-1150

Fax:  615-741-5337

Email:  victim.witness@tn.gov

Website:  www.tn.gov/bopp/victims

Additional questions . . .

Tennessee Department of Correction

Victim Services Division

320 Sixth Avenue North

Nashville, TN  37243-0465

Phone:  615-741-1000 *8145

Fax:  615-741-1055

Email:  Victim.Notification@tn.gov


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