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The Tennessee Department of Correction has a responsibility to work with the law enforcement community to protect and serve the public by operating safe and secure prisons. We take our mission seriously and every employee will work extremely hard to ensure we never compromise public safety.


We also realize we have an opportunity to positively impact an offender's chances for success. Data and research indicates 96% of offenders will return home one day. Because of that, we have an inherent responsibility to provide offenders with an opportunity to grow and change. These opportunities are enhanced through the efforts of family and community partnerships but most of all by the offenders taking responsibility for their own actions and making a commitment to change and never return to prison.


We will continue to do our part and ask that you assist in doing your part. Our mission is to operate safe and secure prisons. Our actions will reflect our commitment to this mission.


The Tennessee Department of Correction will NOT tolerate and will continue to aggressively pursue every means possible to prevent the introduction of DRUGS and CONTRABAND into our institutions.


Before agreeing to bring contraband inside our prisons, make sure you are willing to face the harsh consequences that may include, but are not limited to the following:


    • Permanent loss of visitation privilege
    • Posting of a substantial bond to get out of jail
    • Forfeiture of vehicle (but continue to make payments)
    • Payment to an attorney of a few thousand dollars to defend you at trial
    • A felony record
    • Loss of privilege of possessing a firearm


The Department of Correction will pursue criminal prosecution against both visitors and staff that refuse to adhere to the law.


The introduction of contraband is a serious threat to the safety and security of Tennessee prisons. The TDOC takes its responsibility as part of the law enforcement community very seriously.


Photo of MJ



Meet the newest member of the TDOC family. MJ (short for Mary Jane) joined the TDOC Drug Detector Dog Program this month after completing 10-weeks of TN Department of Safety training. MJ is now assigned to the West Tennessee State Penitentiary where she works with handler, Cpl. Kevin Haislip. MJ is a Belgian Malinois and replaced recently retired K-9 Ellie.