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Conservatorship Association of Tennessee (CAT)

Mission Statement

The Conservatorship Association of Tennessee (CAT) is a nonprofit organization established for the following purposes:

  • To serve as a principal resource for all those involved in conservatorship, including families, individuals with disabilities, professional and advocacy organizations, state and local agencies, and the legal community;
  • To increase awareness, knowledge and expertise about conservatorship and related topics through developing informational materials, training, and educational opportunities;
  • To promote the awareness that all adults, no matter what their circumstances, are presumed to be competent rather than incompetent, capable rather than incapable, and have the right to independent decision-making, autonomy, self-determination, and the protection of their civil rights and liberties;
  • To offer a forum for analysis and discussion of key issues, such as alternatives to conservatorship;
  • To establish standards of practice; and
  • To advocate to improve policies, processes, and practices related to conservatorship in Tennessee.

CAT Website - www.catenn.org
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Core Values