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People Talking to People

The People Talking to People project (PTP) is an independent quality assurance program for the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) and is helping to improve the system for the people it serves.

Frank Meeuwis is the Project Director and supervises 9 Regional teams across Tennessee. PTP interviewing teams consist of 24 part-time employees that arrange to meet with and interview a selected random sampling of persons receiving services through the DIDD. Contact information for establishing an interview is provided by DIDD and is disseminated to local PTP teams.

The interviews are conducted on a face-to-face basis and take about 30 minutes to cover 40 questions in four categories; Choice & Control, Respect & Dignity, Access to Care, and Community Inclusion.

The PTP is a necessary component of a larger "Quality Assurance" effort by the DIDD to improve and excel in providing supportive services to people with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

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