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Person Centered Practices

Person Centered Practices (PCP) is an exponent for people receiving supports. PCP acknowledges that those supported will have better-quality lives; by means of active social roles, community connections, enhanced planning and significant influence with independent decision-making.

Is Your Circle of Support Struggling to...
  • Better support someone with HIGH RISK BEHAVIORS
  • Ensure a successful TRANSITION FROM A NURSING HOME , DEVELOPMENTAL CENTER OR ICF-ID to community living
  • Bring a larger community together to "brain storm" SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES when other options have failed
  • Ensure a successful TRANSITION FROM A MENTAL HEALTH SETTING to the community
  • Enable a person to SUCCESSFULLY MOVE FROM THEIR FAMILY'S HOME into their own Supported Living home

Contact Us and Set Up a Person-Centered Meeting. We are also available to help with other barriers using Person Centered Thinking tools. This may include helping to define core job responsibilities (donut sort) or what's working/ what's not working with your COS.

East Tennessee
Suzanne Richards
Middle Tennessee
Desherri Braden
West Tennessee
Karla Goodman


Person Centered Planning Unit Facilitation Referral Form (PDF, WORD)

Developing Person Centered Organizations Application (WORD)

Person Centered Thinking Training Application (PDF)

Below, Michael Smull introduces the basic concepts of Person Centered Practices. For more videos of Michael Smull detailing Person Centered Planning Tools please click here.