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For State Employees

Titan is a change to the way DIDD does business.  It will also have an impact on almost everyone’s job, whether you have an administrative duty or are a direct support professional. Titan will be implemented in three phases.

Phase 1: Service Planning
The Service Planning phase is being broken up into two stages:

Stage A
Phase 1A is expected to be implemented in the Spring of 2014.  The main functions of 1A will be Intake and the wait list.  Employees will enter information into Titan starting with the first point of contact with a person.  Titan management of the wait list will eliminate the need to maintain spreadsheets in different locations across the state. 

Stage B
Phase 1B will include PAE, enrollment and Individual Support Plan (ISP) creation.  Phase 1B, will include provider interaction, whereas Stage A only impacts DIDD employees.  An added feature of Titan is an electronic ISP that will reduce paperwork and provide instant access to an ISP.  The electronic ISP will reduce the amount of time for approval or denial through a more efficient process.  Because of Titan, certain processes will no longer be needed, such as the nightly polling process.

Phase 2: Protection from Harm
The Protection from Harm phase will include incident reporting, investigations and plans of correction.  Titan will include the Incident & Investigation (I&I) system, I&I report polling process, alert reporting process and required reports. 


Phase 3: Service Tracking and Billing

DIDD is currently reviewing this phase due to several business process changes, including waiver reform, the implementation of caps on waiver services and Tennessee’s adoption of anew eligibility and provider enrollment systems and processes.

How will TITAN impact my job?
Everyone will use Titan in a different way.  We will have a better idea of how specific jobs will use Titan as we continue to build the system.

Training will be provided on Titan in your region with each stage of implementation.  You can find training information on the Training page of the Titan website.


If you have a question about Titan, you can check our Frequently Asked Questions page or email DIDD.Titan@tn.gov.