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Updated: May 20-22, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Phase 1A Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for contacting DIDD for help on Titan when the system is launched?

A Titan Support Plan has been created to ensure end users are fully supported once Titan is launched. The Business Analyst team will be working alongside the help desk to ensure prompt resolutions. This process will be covered in your Titan training.

In regards to 90 day reminder that indicates the Intake Packet has not been received; will Titan remind us at 60 days and 90 days?

The Titan system will detect when 90 days has passed since the Intake Packet was mailed. If the Person to Be Served form has not been marked that the intellectual disability document is complete, the Titan system will create a work queue item for the Intake Case Manager to send out a "No Documentation" Letter.

Who will be responsible for uploading current files into Titan?

The Waitlist spreadsheets will be uploaded to Titan by the Titan IT team. An upload of current Person's served from CS Tracking will also be uploaded to Titan. If additional paper files are on site in the Regions, the Regions will have the ability to upload documents to the Person file in Titan.

Is there a limit to the number of attachments that can be uploaded to a Person's file?

There is a limit to the number of attachments that can be uploaded however DIDD has been assured by our vendor that the limit is extremely large and has the ability to hold all appropriate items including ISP's. Naming the attachments in Titan will need to be consistent throughout the Regions and our training team is working out those details.

In regards to uploading photos of the Person to be served to Titan; Are we authorized to use our personal cell phones or cameras?

Personal cell phones should not be used. If the Person has an existing photo they may provide the photo to you and it can be scanned to the Person's file.

Who will have rights to update/edit the waiting listings?

Titan will have end to end process for adding, editing and removing Persons from the waitlist and these tasks will be performed by those individuals who are authorized by their security role.

Each Region mentioned that they have a resource listing (many times it was a large binder with local churches or other local entities. Can this information get loaded to Titan?

This is not part of the initial roll out of TITAN but can be submitted as a future enhancement.

Will Titan have the ability to validate the Persons SSN?

TITAN will check a Social Security Number for correct structure and will verify if the Social is currently in the TITAN database. TITAN will also mask all but the last four numbers. However, TITAN will not be linked to the Social Security Administration to validate the number belongs to that person.

Will Titan have the ability to validate the Persons Medicare number?
Titan does not have the ability to validate the Medicare number at this time. Each location will need to follow their current validation processes

What kind of reports and alerts will we be able to generate from Titan?

Reports and alerts will be covered in detail in your training sessions.

What is Project Titan?

Project Titan is the new system DIDD, with the assistance of vendor Mid America Consulting Group, is building to support Service Planning, Service Tracking and Billing and Protection from Harm.  The objectives of the system include: standardization of business processes using workflow rules; improvement in the timeliness and accuracy of data collection through online functionality; and enhanced data visibility and reporting based on the application of a central data repository.  It will be the technical foundation on which future DIDD business processes will be built.

When will Titan be implemented?

Our implementation approach is to roll out Titan in three phases.  The first will be Service Planning, followed by Service Tracking and Billing, and then Protection from Harm.  At this time we do not have hard dates defined.  We are currently developing a detailed schedule that is inclusive of all activities required to implement the Service Planning phase.  When that schedule is completed and specific dates are known, we will communicate them to you.  We are targeting the Spring of 2014 for the first phase, second quarter of 2014 for the second phase and the third quarter of 2014 for the last phase.

What is a phased approach?

As you know, the areas of Service Planning, Service Tracking and Billing and Protection from Harm are each very complex processes.  In order to ensure quality of the system, simplify the conversion of data and manage the training of employees and providers,  we determined that Titan should be built and rolled out in three phases, one right after the other.  The “Big Bang” approach would generate too much chaos  for the department and negatively impact DIDD’s mission.

What is included in the scope of Titan?

Project Titan is focused on building a solid foundation for DIDD’s future.  We are focused on Service Planning, which includes the intake, eligibility, wait list, ISP, service authorization, waiver/program services maintenance and provider maintenance processes. Service Tracking includes provider claims processing.  Protection from Harm will replace the current Incidents & Investigations system.  Titan will not replace Legacy systems that support other functions, though it may include some required interfaces to those systems.

How will it affect my job?

The goal of Project Titan is to enhance DIDD employee’s efforts to support the people you serve.    Project Titan aims to reduce the use of paper and some of the associated administrative tasks. The system is a new tool, and almost everyone will need to learn new business processes and how to use Titan to support those processes. 

How will I be trained on Titan?

You will be trained on Titan through a combination of webinars and classroom training created for your specific job.

Will there be a resource person onsite throughout the process?

You will have a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in your area throughout the process to serve as a resource.

Will I have to travel for training?

Most of the training will be implemented in your region, though you may have to travel to your region’s computer training site to attend.  Some selected trainers, however,  will likely  travel for “train-the-trainer” sessions and/or to deliver the training to all of you.

Will I need a new computer or a software upgrade?

As part of the Information Systems plan for fiscal year 2014, any computer not on Windows 7 will be upgraded with a new computer. Additionally Office 2003 or 2007 will be upgraded to Office 2010. Training for Office 2010 will be provided by the IS Training staff.

Will Titan be accessible on my phone or tablet?

While Titan will not initially be accessible on your phone or tablet, we are building the system so that capability will be available in the future.

I’m not really that comfortable with computers.  What can I do to get ready for Titan?

We are designing additional training for those who need to learn more about standard computer programs and Internet applications.  Your participation in a computer survey at the end of September was critical to helping develop that training. Keep watch on our Titan Newsletter, the website and in Open Line for training announcements about these programs.

What does “roles based” mean?

In computer systems security, role-based access control is an approach to restricting system access to authorized users. In other words, the system will display only the windows and information that you are classified to use in your specific job.

How can I participate in Project Titan?

You will receive updates via DIDD.Titan@tn.gov, the Titan Newsletter and Open Line about chances to participate.  Additionally, if you haven’t been contacted about doing user acceptance testing for Titan and this is something you would like to do, discuss with your manager, and then let us know by emailing DIDD.Titan@tn.gov


Titan Phase 1A Training

When I log into Titan, I get a message at the bottom of my window that asks “Do you wish to show all contents?”

Click YES.  This allows Titan to show you all of the elements of the system.

Is there a Titan user guide besides the classroom materials?  I want to just see the steps and not the training content.

Yes. The Quick Reference Guide (QRG) follows a business process without the training content.  The QRG is being updated to reflect any changes and will be posted on the Titan Training web site by Friday, June 6.

When creating a new record on a person out of state, how can we denote what region and state?

Use the Out of State Middle Region, Out of State East Region or Out of State West Region. You may search for “Out of State…” in the County field.

I have a doctor’s statement to verify ID.  Where does the letter go?  Will the letter be justification enough to get the person on the Wait List? 

The doctor’s letter can be justification to put the Person on the Wait List and should be attached to the Intake Assessment by the Case Manager.

I am an Intake Specialist, but can’t record the living situation of the Person.  Why not? 

The living situation auto populates when the Intake Assessment is completed, as well as some other parts of the administration record that belongs to a Person. The Intake Specialist can enter this information in the Intake Assessment if necessary.

On Intake Assessments, can we have drop down boxes for day, month and year?  We also want the county to populate.

County on the Intake Assessment does not auto populate as this is the section where the Person is requesting services and the services may be in a different county than the physical address.

Do I have to have the Psychological and Physical Evaluation to complete an Intake Assessment?


Why does the city not automatically match the correct county?  Titan should be able to let you know if they do not match.

Titan is equipped to provide address verification; however, a subscription service is required to ensure the address verification takes place. The subscription is costly and was not implemented during the first phase of Titan. In the meantime, a Counties Quick Check Dashboard has been created to direct Titan users directly to a tn.gov site that can confirm the county, city and zip.  If you need help finding the Dashboard, call the help desk.

What control do we have to select and assign Case Managers?
Titan takes care of assigning Case Managers based on the Counties they serve. 

But, what if we want to change the Case Manager that Titan recommends?

The Case Manager can be changed when you do your Look Up.  From the Look-Up window, you can pick out of the selection of Case Manager’s on the list.  Some Case Manager’s share a County, so the Case Managers need to make sure that their name is on Counties in the Look-Up.    If it isn’t they need to inform their supervisor to make sure they are added.

If we end up with duplicate entries for a Person can they be merged?  By whom?

If duplicate entries occur, please contact the Help Desk and the Titan System Administrator will delete the Record(s) created in error.

My files are electronically stored on my F: drive now. Can I zip all for one Person and attach to the Person Record in Titan?

Files can be attached; however, there is a limit to the size of the files. If your file will not attach, contact the Help Desk.

How long will Notes on a Person Record stay visible?  We sometimes get several calls a week on a person. 

When you log an Incoming Communication, enter the Notes at the end of each Incoming Communication Record.  In that way, all the Incoming Communications will be linked to the Person and will always remain visible within the Person Record.

Does the workflow make a Note on the Person Record that a Letter was sent when we use the Mail Merge?  (eg., a cover letter or a 90 day)?

Titan workflow does not notate the system when a letter is sent.  Scan a copy of the letter and attach it to the Person Record.  Alternatively,  click “File”, “Save As” and save the letter to your desktop or drive and then attach the letter to your Person’s  Record.  Caution:  When you close the letter (“X” out of the letter), be sure not to Save the document as is as that may change the template.  Also, be sure and delete this letter from your Desktop by clicking shift/delete.

The system will only allow one Primary Contact. How do I document when there are two co-conservators? Examples: mom and dad are divorced and both are conservators, siblings are co-conservators. They both want to be informed when things are communicated.

Titan will allow as many contacts, conservators, caregivers, etc. as you wish. However, you may only choose one Primary Contact.  If you have co-conservators: you can make one of the co-conservator’s the “primary” contact and when entering the contact information, enter the name of the co-conservators, and beside the last name, type co-conservator (ex. John Brown-co-conservator). This will allow you to see that there are co-conservators in the contact box in the Person Record.

I have a Person that is in DCS custody.  Do I enter them in the County they currently reside in or the County in which they came into custody?

Use the County through which they came into custody.