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For Providers

DIDD Providers will also use Titan to interact with the Department in a variety of ways.  Those changes will come as the three phases of Titan are implemented.

Phase 1: Service Planning

The first stage of Service Planning, which included Intake and the Wait List was implemented in Spring of 2014. Phase 1B will be implemented in 2015. It will include:

  • Electronic Individual Support Plans (ISPs): One of the major enhancements in Titan will be the creation of an electronic ISP.  DIDD hopes to eliminate redundant information in the ISP by converting it to an electronic format and also to allow for reporting on information within the ISP.
    This will also allow for greater collaboration and input from the Providers throughout the service planning process.  Providers will have access to the ISP through the Titan web portal, or they can elect to continue receiving a printed copy of the ISP.
  • Electronic Service Requests and Authorizations:  Providers will now be able to submit requests for changes to an ISP electronically.  These requests will be routed to the ISC for review prior to submission to DIDD’s Plans Review staff.


Phase 2: Protection from Harm

DIDD will implement Protection from Harm in the Third Quarter of 2015.  It will include:

  • Real-Time Reporting: The Titan solution will feature a single integrated database, hosted within the State’s data center.  This will eliminate the need for polling of data, and allow for real-time reporting of information.
  • Electronic Reportable Incident Forms: Users will have access to submit incident reports electronically, increasing the efficiency of DIDD’s incident reporting process and providing quicker access to critical information.
  • Automated Incident Alert Notifications: When incidents are reported, Titan will rely on customized work flow routing to automatically generate incident alerts to the appropriate users based on the type of incident.  Providers will still be ultimately responsible to ensure that notifications occur within the required timeframes, but the system will also provide guidance and prompts to remind them of specific notification requirements, reducing the risk of mistakes and ensuring that notifications are made to the appropriate parties.
  • Systems Integration: Because Titan is a single integrated database solution, users with the appropriate level of security will be able to access all of a person’s information, including historical records, from one convenient location. In addition the Titan database will be a relational database that supports both a one to many and/or a many to one relationship between records.  This means that a single incident could be associated with multiple investigations, or multiple incidents could be associated with a single investigation.  Investigators will be able to see not only the information for the case they are currently assigned, but also any relevant or associated records that could affect the outcome of their case in real-time.


Phase 3: Service Tracking and Billing

DIDD is currently reviewing this phase due to several business process changes, including waiver reform, the implementation of caps on waiver services and Tennessee’s adoption of anew eligibility and provider enrollment systems and processes.


DIDD will offer training for providers on all phases of Titan.  Some of those training methods are in the process of being developed.  We will keep you updated on our progress here on our website.

We are also developing a Frequently Asked Questions Section for our Providers.  You can always email DIDD.Titan@tn.gov with questions or concerns.