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TITAN Status

Phase 1A

Phase 1B

Phase 2


Titan Testimonial

"The wait list report is so much easier for me now! It is no longer an issue of finding data errors when numbers do not match. I only have to sort and categorize the data. I look forward to learning more about the system so I can create more information that is needed."
-Kellie, DIDD Central Office 


"I think it's a very user friendly system. Take that from a gal who doesn't even know how to text!" -Christy, DIDD employee


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Project Titan is a change to the way we do business. It will replace CS Tracking and other non-integrated systems with a single integrated system. The initial system will support our efforts in three main areas.

  • Service Planning:
    Intake Process, PAE, Enrollment, Developing an ISP, Provider Management

  • Protection From Harm:
    Incident Reporting, Investigations, Plan of Correction