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TITAN Status





Quick FAQ

What is a phased approach?

As you know, the areas of Service Planning, Service Tracking and Billing and Protection from Harm are each very complex processes.  In order to ensure quality of the system, simplify the conversion of data and manage the training of employees and providers,  we determined that Titan should be built and rolled out in three phases, one right after the other.  The “Big Bang” approach would generate too much chaos  for the department and negatively impact DIDD’s mission.

Project Titan is a change to the way we do business. It will replace CS Tracking and other non-integrated systems with a single integrated system. The initial system will support our efforts in three main areas:

  • Service Planning: Intake Process, PAE, Enrollment, Developing an ISP, Provider Management
  • Service Tracking and Billing: Entering Claims for Payment, Sanctions, Recoupments
  • Protection From Harm: Incident Reporting, Investigations, Plan of Correction