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Greene Valley

About Greene Valley

Greene Valley Developmental Center (GVDC) is located in Greeneville, Tennessee.

GVDC provides on-campus residential, training and health-related supports. These residential beds are located in 12 separate living areas on campus. GVDC participates in the Medicaid Intermediate Care Facility (ICF-MR) program which provides approximately 98 percent of the operational funds; the remainder is provided by state revenue. GVDC is certified annually as a result of surveys from this program. In addition, GVDC is licensed by the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities as a public residential facility.

In June 2004, GVDC was accredited by The Council on Quality and Leadership. In a press release provided by the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, The Council on Quality and Leadership was described as “an organization whose mission is to provide worldwide leadership for greater accountability, responsiveness, and quality performance in human and social service organizations and systems. The Council has more than thirty years’ experience in evaluating services provided to people with disabilities and in consulting with organizations like Greene Valley on developing system changes to enhance the quality of services provided.” Accreditation by this organization confirms the facility’s dedication to being customer driven in all areas of support.