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April 27, 2012

Open Line

DIDD Team,

Below, are various items I would like to share:

  • Legislative Update:   HB 2363, the Department’s licensure bill, passed the House floor yesterday and will be sent to Governor Haslam for his signature.  It is anticipated the House will adjourn this afternoon.
  • Person Served Spotlight:  Mitchum Gibson, who receives services from Friendship, had three of his original paintings displayed at the Williamson County Art exhibition in Spring Hill on April 20th.  He is very proud of his art work.  Congratulations Mitchum!
  • Supports Intensity Scale (SIS):  DIDD and Ascend Management will begin the Supports Intensity Scale (SIS) assessments across the state in May 2012.  While we are very excited about this gigantic step forward, we also acknowledge there will be challenges.  All persons enrolled in DIDD’s Arlington, Statewide, and Self Determination Waivers have been randomly assigned a SIS assessment due date.  Ascend Management is using a random selection method to ensure the data collected over time will provide a statistically accurate estimate of needs, scores, profiles, and demographics of the entire set of waiver participants. 
    Because we are using a “random draw” to assign both SIS and ICAP assessments, Ascend will continue to complete ICAPs through June 2013.  Again, due to random assignment of the first SIS assessments, some ICAPs will be well over the 2-year mark when the person is scheduled for their first SIS.  Inversely, the person may have just had an ICAP when the SIS is scheduled.

      The Department wants to assure everyone that the ICAP can remain valid well   
      beyond the 2-year mark as long as it is still an accurate representation of the
      person.  Once a SIS interview assessment is conducted, a repeat assessment will be  
      scheduled for every third year.

      DIDD appreciates your patience as we begin this important project.  If you have any
      further questions, please feel free to contact Barbara DeBerry at 615-253-6888
      or Barbara.DeBerry@tn.gov.  You may also contact Ascend Management
      Innovations, Intellectual and Developmental Disability Division at 1-877-431-1388.

  • Accreditation Initiative:  The Department and The Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) have signed a contract for Network Accreditation: Person-Centered Excellence.  The major components for the CQL Network Accreditation will be implemented across three phases.  These include: Capacity Building, Data Gathering and Network Evaluation, and Network Accreditation: Person-Centered Excellence.  The contract has been delivered to the state Fiscal Review Committee for approval.  The anticipated start date of network accreditation activities is July 1, 2012.
  • TEAM Act:  Governor Haslam signed the Tennessee Excellence, Accountability and Management (TEAM) Act of 2012 on April 24th.  The purpose of this act is to attract, select, retain, and promote the best applicants and employees based on performance and equal opportunities.  It also gives agencies greater flexibility in personnel management and increases customer-focused effectiveness.  For more information on the TEAM Act, please visit www.tn.gov and select “Tennessee Forward.”