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February 22, 2013

Open Line

This edition of Open Line includes important information I want to share with you:

DIDD Speaker’s Bureau: The department is excited to announce the launch of a Speakers Bureau.  Its goal is to inform and advise members of groups or organizations through speaking engagements or presentations about issues that affect persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Speakers Bureau is comprised of diverse professionals from across the state that are knowledgeable in the fields of health, education, conservatorship, disability abuse, autism and Asperger’s syndrome, non-profit operations and leadership, disability employment, and law enforcement.  The presentations can be customized to the interest of your group or organization.

To schedule a speaker, please go to /didd/vault/vault/SpeakersBureau/SpeakersBureau.shtml  and fill out the appropriate form or send your request via email to Margaret.P.Donald@tn.gov.  Requests must be made at least one month in advance.

Quarterly Incident Management Provider Meetings:  Protection from Harm is pleased to announce that the Quarterly Incident Management Provider Meetings will now be referred to as the Quarterly Protection from Harm Provider Meeting, and will include information and updates about investigations as well as incident management information.

Incident Management Coordinators (IMCs) as well as other agency management and administrators are invited to attend.  The time, location, and agenda for each meeting will be distributed to all IMCs prior to the scheduled meeting.  The 2013 dates for each region are as follows:
















Please contact Kenneth Binion, Director of Incident Management at Kenneth.Binion@tn.gov  if you have further questions or suggested topics for future meetings.

New Day Services Edit in Provider Claims Processing (PCP):  The Provider Claims Processing System (PCP) is being modified to include an edit routine that allows only one unit of day service to be entered for a particular day.  This new edit routine will become effective Tuesday, February 26, 2013.

As claims are being entered into PCP, the system will verify that only one unit of day service is entered for a particular day.  If PCP detects that a unit of day service has already been entered for that particular day, then the following error message will be displayed:

“Unable to process (n) units for this calendar day, the limit of one unit has already been entered.”
Providers that share day services with other providers will need to coordinate billing with each other when entering claims for day services, in order to ensure that each agency bills appropriately.  If you have questions regarding other agencies’ billing, you should contact the DIDD Regional Office in your area for assistance.  A memo will also be sent to all providers regarding this change.

Basic Assurances Reviews:  Congratulations to Courtney Kelly and Dana Scott for completing the work required and earning certification from the Council on Quality and Leadership to conduct Basic Assurances review validations.  This took a lot of hard work to accomplish.

Person Centered Thinking Survey:  A reminder to please complete the survey on the Person Centered training challenge at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PCT_Provider.  Responses will be accepted until February 28.

Training Questionnaires:  A big thank you to all agencies who sent in the Data Capture for Designing Learner Enrollment and Reporting Fields training questionnaires.  We will still accept them through February 25 if you have not sent yours in.  We also want to announce there is an

Essential Learning training manual available by logging on to:


We feel it will be helpful for all learning administrators to review this document in preparation for training sessions.  There are also chapters on how to log in, reports, system requirements, and much more.  We are also very pleased to share with learning administrators, the
Essential Learning Webinars site at:


On this site, you can view training on enrolling learners, report functions, etc.  The Tennessee site is under construction and we will continue to keep everyone updated.

Project Titan Kick-Offs: A reminder of the Project Titan kick-offs beginning next week.  The schedule for meetings with regional providers will be as follows:






1:00 PM –3:00 PM (CT)

West Region

Arlington Campus – Baker Building Auditorium


2:00 PM –4:00 PM (CT)

Middle Region

Clover Bottom Campus – 1 Cannon Way Conference Room


1:00 PM –3:00 PM (ET)

East Region

Knoxville, TN – L.T. Ross Building

We will provide additional information regarding these meetings over the upcoming weeks.  If you have any questions regarding these meetings, feel free to contact our Project Team by email at DIDD.Titan@tn.gov.

West Tennessee Regional Office (WTRO):  The WTRO participated in a Central States Earthquake Drill on February 7.  All community homes managers and staff, along with Lisa Guy, Deputy Director of West Tennessee Homes, and Doug Simpson, Maintenance Director and Safety Officer of the West Tennessee Regional Office, met at two community homes to begin the program.  This program is an annual event to increase earthquake awareness and demonstrate safety techniques for survival during an earthquake.  The training provided invaluable information that can be used in the home, office, and outdoors.  The Memphis area is near the New Madrid fault.  The largest earthquake in the continental United States occurred along this fault in 1812 and was felt as far away as Boston, Massachusetts. 

GusGreene Valley Developmental Center:  The Greene Valley family is saddened by the loss of Gus, its longtime friend, companion, and therapy pet volunteer.  Gus was featured with his friend Bunky in the August 22 edition.  He began his life at Greene Valley living in Greenwood Cottage, but being a frisky puppy among people who used wheelchairs for mobility just didn’t work out as expected.  So, Gus “transitioned” to the home of Mike Whitt, physical therapy assistant at GVDC.  Mike began bringing Gus to visit and the rest is history.  Gus spent most of his life bestowing love unconditionally and he was loved unconditionally by both the people who live at Greene Valley and its staff.  He was extraordinary and is very much missed.