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June 28, 2013

Open Line

June 28, 2013

This week’s edition includes important information I want to share with you:

Arlington Exit Plan Update:  Work towards fulfilling the requirements of the Arlington lawsuit Exit Plan continues to progress. On June 17, 2013, Chief United States District Judge Jon P. McCalla issued an order finding that DIDD has completed Sections II.C.1 (At-Risk Records Review), II.D.1 (Introductory Notice Process) and III.F. (Class Members in Nursing facilities State Contracts review with Managed Care Organizations) of the Exit Plan.

DIDD Central Office Relocation Update:  The department received a revised target date for the Central Office move from the Frost Building to the Citizens Plaza Building.  The new relocation date for the DIDD Central Office to our permanent site on the 9th and 10th floor of the Citizen Plaza Building is November 15, 2013.  The Citizens Plaza renovation project has been delayed due to some construction obstacles.

Provider Payment Delay:  This morning, a joint memo was issued from DIDD and TennCare notifying providers of a delay in their payment scheduled for today. The payment will be made on July 2.   I fully understand the inconvenience this may have caused.  If you did not receive the memorandum, it is attached to this edition for your reference.

Director of Staff and Provider Development:  Richard Shelton, Director of Staff and Provider Development, has announced his retirement effective August 1 after 30 years with the department.  Tori Lindsey, current Director of Operations for the West Tennessee Regional Office, will be his replacement.  Tori’s previous experience includes working as one of the directors with Guardian Community Living Services and the Federal Court Monitor’s office for the Remedial Order.  We are certain Tori will be an asset in this role with her vast knowledge and prior experience as a provider supporting persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Tori will join Central Office on August 1 and we look forward to welcoming her into this position.

Available Services Table State Fiscal Year 2013-2014:  Please click here for a list of available services and payment rates assigned to these services. This table incorporates a .90% provider rate increase announced in earlier editions of Open Line.

Family Support Program Recognition:  The Family Support Program has been in operation since 1992. To date, there are several agency coordinators that have been providing services to families in the program for many years. We asked Mary Hildebrand of The Arc Davidson County, what kept her working with the program for 20 years.

“Well, in 40 years I've done a lot of different jobs at The Arc Davidson County, but when I was assigned to Family Support 20 years ago I really found my calling.  I particularly love the families that I have worked with.  Many of the adults I work with now were babies when I started.  I have so much admiration for the mothers and fathers who fight for their sons and daughters and cause systems to change.  In addition, the professionals I have worked with are some of the finest people you could ever hope to meet, and they always seem willing to help.  So, I guess the best thing about the job has been the people. Plus, when I started in 1973, the starting salary of $7,000 a year was more than I was making teaching English, and who could resist that?”

Mary’s last day with The Arc Davidson County is today. We wish her all the best and appreciate everything she’s done for families in Middle Tennessee.

CQL Accreditation Opportunity for Tennessee Providers:  CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership and DIDD have entered into a pioneering agreement to support the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.  As a result, CQL is offering Tennessee provider organizations a unique opportunity for CQL Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation at a discounted rate due to the state’s declared commitment to quality services for persons with disabilities. We are very excited and honored to be presented with this opportunity.  For more information, please click here.

Community of Practice:  Representatives from DIDD and the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities attended the kick-off event for the Community of Practice for Supporting Families of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Kansas City, Missouri on June 19-21. The TN Council and DIDD were selected to participate in a five state ‘Community of Practice’  to think, learn, and strategize about the next generation of services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The goal of the five-year project is to build capacity through a Community of Practice across and within states to create policies, practices and systems to better assist and support families that include a member with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the lifespan.  The event was hosted by the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disability Services (NASDDDS), UMKC – Institute for Human Development, University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) and the Human Services Research Institute (HSRI). 

This endeavor is being funded by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  This multi-level Community of Practice (CoP) calls on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families, policymakers, and others to come together to think, learn and act collaboratively to respond to present challenges and realize the opportunity to establish a next generation of services and supports for people with I/DD and their families.  This CoP will be facilitated by a project management team with key staff from NASDDDS, UMKC-Institute for Human Development, National Association of Councils for Developmental Disabilities and HSRI.  A national partnership council will lead the project with representatives from Parent-to-Parent USA, Self-Advocates Becoming Empowered, Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, Sibling Leadership Network, and the Association on University Centers on Disability.

The Tennessee kick-off dates will most likely be in October 2013.  Please stay tuned to Open Line to learn more about the kick-off and work of the CoP. For more information and to connect with the CoP, click here.  Employment First Leadership State Mentor Program:  The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) has announced that they will provide another year of Technical Assistance to Tennessee through the Employment First Leadership State Mentor Program (EFLSMP) grant. The provider agencies that are currently being provided Technical Assistance will identify upcoming needs and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will then be selected to meet with providers.

Customized and Supported Employment:  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (2013), the unemployment rate for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities is 83 percent. Employment can be an important part of community inclusion and independent living. To that end, The Arc Davidson County is very excited to announce the beginning of their first supported employment program.

The Arc Davidson County’s customized and supported employment program will work with area businesses to locate and develop employment opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to match employees to those positions. Employees will receive supported training to include working with a job coach to be sure that each person is ready to begin employment. Business leaders who have hired persons with disabilities shared that their employees bring many benefits to the workplace.  A video overview of The Arc Davidson County’s supported employment program can be accessed here.  If you know of a business that would benefit from working with this program, please contact Colleen Gibson at (615) 321-5699 ext. 13 or cgibson@arcdc.org.

Accreditation Update: Work continues across Tennessee to teach all DIDD stakeholders as much as possible about the CQL Personal Outcome Measures (POM).  The department would once again like to express appreciation to the many providers who have stepped up and hosted a POM workshop and/or a Basic Assurances Self-Assessment validation review.  Our hope is to share information about CQL expectations so that when the review sample is pulled in early 2014, all stakeholders involved will have an understanding of those expectations and use common language regarding services and supports.  As a reminder, there will be a representative sample pulled by CQL  of approximately 420 people using DIDD services in late 2013.  Each person in this sample will be assessed using the Personal Outcome Measures.  In addition, a representative sample of approximately 35 providers will be selected by CQL for which a Basic Assurances Self-Assessment validation review will be conducted.  As always, please contact Laura.Doutre@tn.gov with questions about accreditation or to schedule training for your organization.

Training Update:  The Relias team conducted several webinars covering the new Relias RLM and we want to remind everyone to access the DIDD website for links to not only recorded training webinars, but also launch materials and information on the Relias upgrade.  A supervisor overview of the new Relias Learning Management System (RLMS) can be viewed by clicking here.   There will not be any webinars conducted by Relias next week. However, they will resume the week of July 8-12 with the below schedule:

July 9:  “Supervisor Overview of new RLM” (10 AM CDT/11 AM EDT)
July 10: “Supervisor Overview of new RLM” (1 PM CDT/2 PM EDT)
July 11: “Sub-Portal Admin Curriculum Overview RLM” (10 AM CDT/11 AM EDT)
July 12: “Supervisor Overview of new RLM” (11 AM CDT/12 PM EDT)

If you ever need alternate points of contact for Relias Essential Learning help, please e-mail DIDD.ISQA@tn.gov or contact your DIDD Regional Global Administrators (East: Rebecca Stamps-Brown; Middle: Jerry Ramsey; West: Eunice Spencer).

Employment Success Stories:  Adrian Pitts and Michele Craft are two persons in Emory Valley Center’s supported employment program. Both Adrian and Michele have obtained gainful employment in the community.  Adrian currently works as a dishwasher and assists with food prep at the Northshore Brasserie restaurant in Knoxville. Michele is employed as an Executive Assistant two days a week at the Erv Agency Allstate Insurance Company in Clinton. You can view Adrian’s story here and Michelle’s story here.
“We are so proud of Adrian and Michele and are pleased to share all of their accomplishments with everyone,” stated Jennifer Enderson, President of Emory Valley Center.

An Ounce of Prevention:  This week’s topic involves the Public Accountability clause of the Provider Agreement (D.20).  This clause requires all providers to display a sign in a prominent place located near the passageway(s) through which the public passes to receive state-funded services.  A poster with the required language has been available from the Comptroller’s Office as well as DIDD FAR staff. 

The Comptroller’s Office recently added the capability for the public to submit concerns online and as a result, the poster was updated.  Hard copies of the new poster are available from the Comptroller’s Office; however, for provider convenience, an e-copy of the new poster can be accessed here. The DIDD offices and facilities poster has also been updated and is available here

Medication Variance Report:  Please be advised that the Medication Variance Report (DIDD-0484), has been uploaded to the DIDD Internet site under the “Forms and Tools” link here. This form is now available for official use.

Office of Incident Management:  Another reminder that the Office of Incident Management has created a new DIDD Incident e-mail address for providers to use when submitting a Reportable Incident Form, as required in Chapter 18 of the Provider Manual.  Effective July 1, providers must e-mail Reportable Incident Forms to DIDD.Incidentmgmt@tn.gov
The DIDD Incident e-mail address on the online version of the Reportable Incident Form will be updated with the new address. Changes to the form will take effect July 1, 2013. If you have questions, please contact Kenneth Binion, Director of Incident Management at Kenneth.Binion@tn.gov or 615-253-2896.

Second Interims: It is time for DIDD supervisors to do the second interim reviews for their non-probationary employees provided that it has been at least 30 days since the date of discussion of the first interim.   Please make sure that you allow at least 30 days between the date of discussion of each document in the cycle, because not doing so invalidates the entire process.

If you need templates placed under you in Edison or have questions, please contact Jerry Jones (Jerry.C.Jones@tn.gov)  or Lisa Kent (Lisa.H.Kent@tn.gov).   

New Employee:  The department would like to welcome Sonia Mussaw.  She will serve as the gatekeeper for Human Resources (HR) matters and receive all employees’ requests for HR assistance, log them, and assign requests to a HR staff member for resolution.  Sonia will be located in the Frost Building and can be reached at Sonia.M.Mussaw@tn.gov.

clipGreene Valley Beautification:  During the month of May between storms and showers, many Greene Valley employees were busy hauling away old landscaping timbers, broken lawn furniture and the regular winter debris of leaves and downed limbs.  What transpired was almost miraculous!  New landscaping timbers were placed, rocks were shoveled in, new mulch was distributed, and many new plants and shrubs were planted.  Decorative rocks, birdhouses, and yard ornaments went up, many of which were painted by folks living on campus.  All of this happened without sacrificing quality of care and without spending any state funds! The culmination of all this work was the presentation of the Greene Valley “Keep Greene Beautiful Best-All-Around Award” won by Maple Cottage.  The director of the Greene County Partnership’s Keep Greene Beautiful program and an advisory board member came on campus to judge the contest.  Both ladies commented on the curb appeal of the homes, the enormity of the project and how much they appreciated all of the obvious hard work of everyone involved.