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Brain Imaging Study of Adults with Down Syndrome

Adults with Down Syndrome between the ages of 30 and 75

Alzheimer Disease is far more common in adults with Down Syndrome, but not every person with Down Syndrome will get Alzheimer Disease. This Vanderbilt study wants to find out more about the development of Alzheimer Disease in people with Down Syndrome, and you can help!

Vanderbilt will ask parents/caregivers to answer questions:

About the adult's daily functioning
About signs of dementia

Vanderbilt will ask the adult with Down Syndrome to:

Play memory games
Let them take pictures of his/her brain using MRI
Provide a DNA sample
Get compensated for his/her time ($20 per hour)

For more information contact Genea S. Crockett at 1-888-717-4319
or imaging-genetics@chgr.mc.vanderbilt.edu

Brochure for the Brain Imaging Study of Adults with Down Syndrome (pdf)