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Arlington Developmental Center Litigation Exit Plan

Notice Of Hearing On Motion To Approve Agreed Upon Exit Plan In The Matter Of United States Of America, Et Al., V. State Of Tennessee, et al. (Civil Action No. 92-2062 M/P)-- the Arlington Developmental Center litigation

On Tuesday, January 15, 2013, at 9:30 a.m. CST in the United States District Court, Western District of Tennessee, Western Division, before Chief Judge Jon Phipps McCalla, in District Courtroom No. 1, 11th floor of the Federal Building, Memphis, Tennessee, the parties will appear and present an Exit Plan and Agreed Order for the Court's approval.

The Exit Plan addresses, among other things, the potential enrollment of additional class members, the education of class members in nursing homes regarding opportunities to transition to community placements, and new service delivery models. If you wish additional information about the Exit Plan, a copy of the Exit Plan and Agreed Order is on record with the United States District Court, is posted on the website of the Department of Intellectual and Developmental disabilities at the following location: Exit Plan and Exhibits.pdf. Additionally, a copy may be obtained from any one of the attorneys listed below.

If you are, or might be in the Arlington Class, approval of the Exit Plan could affect your rights and/or the services you receive. The Arlington Class consists of all persons who on or after December 12, 1989, resided at the Arlington Developmental Center; all persons who were transferred from Arlington to other settings such as intermediate care facilities or skilled nursing facilities but remained defendants' responsibility; and all persons who were at risk of being placed at Arlington Developmental Center. If the State of Tennessee completes all of its obligations in the Exit Plan, the case will be dismissed.

You are invited to attend the Hearing and express opinions in opposition to or support of the Exit Plan and/or the Agreed Order.

Counsel for Intervenor Plaintiffs People First Of Tennessee (Class Counsel) are:
Earle J. Schwarz (901-272-0607)
Jack Derryberry (615-244-0554)
and, Judith Gran (856-354-0061).