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Job Description: DIDD State Director of Employment & Day Services

This position provides high-level operational and policy analysis, including research and development of policy recommendations, with the end result being an increase in the number of Tennesseans with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are in competitive, integrated employment and a decrease in the number of people in segregated employment.

Must be able to develop and maintain relationships with a variety of partners including State Departments, advocacy organizations and families.

In DIDD’s Customer Focused Government plan, increasing the number of Tennesseans with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are employed is a high priority goal. The State Director of Employment & Day Services is responsible for the development and implementation of all employment related goals.

Spearheads the implementation of the Tennessee Ticket to Work Initiative (TTWI) with a special focus on people who do not have access to waiver services. Maintains relationship with the Social Security Administration’s Office of Employment Supports Program which is responsible for the Ticket to Work.   Collaborates with SSA and Tennessee state agency partners to increase the number of Employment Networks in Tennessee. 

Coordinates outreach about the Ticket to Work to people on the DIDD Waiting List and their families.  Serves as a link between DIDD, Tennessee’s labor and workforce system and the Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Responsible for the oversight and implementation of Tennessee’s Employment First Leadership State Mentor Partnership (EFLSMP-Grant).

Other Duties Include:  

  1. Program Policy Analysis and Research
    • Research and evaluation of current and alternative practices of delivering employment services for individuals with I/DD. This will include policy development and changes when required.
    • Conduct information-gathering and analysis of successful systems and methods utilized by other states
    • Review and interpret federal and state program regulations affecting services.
  2. Strategic Planning and Action
    • Work with multiple agencies, consultants, providers and consumers to develop strategic and multi-year plans that include goals, objectives, milestones and metrics.
    • Convenes quarterly meetings of the Tennessee Employment Consortium (TEC).
    • Manage and evaluate specific Employment First policy implementation initiatives or related grants.  
  3. Coordination and Collaboration with Internal and External Partners
    • Develop strong working relationships with the advocacy community.
    • Develops and maintains strong working relationships with DIDD Regional Employment and Day Services Coordinators.
    • Develop and implement strategies to educate people with disabilities and their families about work incentives such as 1619(b), Impairment Related Work Expenses and the Plan for Achieving Self Sufficiency.
    • Emphasis will be placed on working with DRS, the Department of Education, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, Department of Labor and Workforce Development and the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities.
  4. Data and Service Evaluation
    • Respond to data/information requests.
    • Manage the collection, analysis and posting of employment data.
    • Develops and implements strategies to educate job seekers and their families about how to use the data to make informed decisions about selecting an employment provider.
  5. Communications
    • Provide ongoing oral/written reports to DIDD management regarding program issues and progress.
    • Prepare as needed reports and materials for public and external stakeholder communications.
    • Coordinate use of the DIDD web page and other forms of electronic media.
    • Provide training to providers and ISC agencies regarding program standards and practices including the effective use of outcome data in local planning and evaluation.
    • Make presentations to conferences, trainings and seminars.
    • Interpret program plans, policies and procedures to key stakeholders.
    • Participate in statewide and regional stakeholder meetings and training activities.
    • Design information and written materials to reflect DIDD mission and philosophy in addition to established program policies related to employment for individuals with I/DD.
    • Represent DIDD in a number of interagency, public settings, provider and stakeholder groups.  
    • Understand and interpret agency and program mission, policies, procedures, rules and regulations to all stakeholders
    • Represent DIDD in regular meetings with provider trade associations and family associations with cooperative and professional communication skills.

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The State of TN is an Equal Opportunity Employer