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Provider Report Cards

Determining Provider Performance

The purpose of the DIDD Quality Assurance (QA) survey is to evaluate the performance of service providers in meeting DIDD requirements. DIDD has developed a set of outcomes and indicators for each of ten domain areas. These outcomes and indicators are found in the checklists that DIDD uses to conduct service provider QA surveys.


QA surveys are conducted on an annual basis for most providers.

Following is a brief description of each domain.


Domain 1 - Access and Eligibility

This domain measures whether or not persons and their families have access to services and supports and a choice of available qualified providers. This includes having information about how to gain access to services as well as knowing how to appeal decisions about access to, and eligibility for, services.


Domain 2 - Individual Planning and Implementation

This domain measures whether a person's Individual Support Plan covers his or her needs, preferences and decisions. It looks at how the person and family participate in developing the plan, whether the right assessments have been used to develop the plan, and if the plan includes supports and services that meet the person's needs. It also looks at things that may create risk for the person and how these are addressed. This domain also looks at whether the plan is used to obtain services and if staff know about the plan and how to use it to work with the person. Finally, it looks at how the plan is monitored to make sure it is implemented to help the person.


Domain 3 - Safety and Security

This domain measures whether the person's services are provided in a safe, secure and comfortable environment. It looks at how staff are screened prior to hiring, trained in incident management policies and if providers have processes for resolving safety concerns and responding to incidents. This area also measures whether providers have a complaint resolution system that works as well as a mechanism for correcting issues found by investigations so that these things do not occur again.


Domain 4 - Rights, Respect and Dignity

This domain looks at whether the person is treated with respect and dignity, if rights are protected and if inappropriate restrictions are prohibited. It also looks at whether the person has access to his or her personal funds and is allowed to do the things that he or she wants to do, as appropriate.


Domain 5 - Health

This domain measures whether the person achieves or maintains the best possible health by getting the appropriate assessments and health care services. It looks at whether providers help persons receive necessary health care, if medications are given correctly, and if persons are provided nutritious meals that follow any specially prescribed diets.


Domain 6 - Choice and Decision Making

This domain looks at whether the person and family are involved in making decisions about the person's services, if the person's plan includes his or her choices and if the provider supports the person to make good decisions. It also measures the provider's method of getting feedback concerning satisfaction with services and how the provider uses that information to change services.


Domain 7 - Relationships and Community Membership

This domain looks at whether the person has opportunities for meaningful relationships and if the provider has activities and opportunities that support the individual to have important relationships and be a valued member of his or her community.


Domain 8 - Opportunities for Work

This domain looks at how the provider gives people opportunities for paid employment or other meaningful day activities. It also measures whether the provider ensures that there are appropriate supports for employment and other meaningful day activities.


Domain 9 - Provider Capabilities and Qualifications

This domain measures the provider's qualifications, including licensing, training, supervision and support of staff. It also looks at how the provider evaluates itself and how its governing body works.


Domain 10 - Administrative Authority and Financial Accountability

This domain looks at how providers show proof that they have provided services and billed for them correctly. It also looks at whether the provider has the right systems in place to oversee the management of personal funds.


Provider Report Cards