CTE Data Reporting System - eTIGER

eTIGER is a Timely, Information, Gathering, Examination and Reporting CTE online data collecting system.  It was officially implemented in October, 2005. The name eTIGER refers to the coordination in data collection between the state EIS (Education Information System) data and the eTIGER system.

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Tips for Teachers

CTE data reporting is an important responsibility for all CTE teachers. All teachers must:

Regarding eTIGER, some of the responsibilities of CTE teachers are as follows:

  1. Obtain eTIGER user ID and password from CTE director
  2. Verify the following CTE class data pulled from EIS (report discrepancies to CTE Director)
    1. Instructor information
    2. Class information
    3. Student information
    4. Class roster
    5. Credit earned
  3. Report student level data for each CTE class
    1. Foster Child
    2. Single Parent
    3. Concentrator
    4. Industry Certificate
    5. Competency Attainment Rubric
    6. Dual Credit
    7. Dual Enrollment
    8. Earned Credits
  4. Attest the class (inform Director when class data is completed)

Data Tracking:

Track reported data by clicking “Print Extract Class” or “Print Extract Standard#” at the bottom of the reporting pages to make sure that data are in “pending status” (or cells have turned into pink). Once entered data shows “pending status” DO NOT re-enter data.

Report immediately to CTE Division whenever the pending data are found not to be saved (be sure to provide system#, school#, course code, local class number, and student’s name or stateID for tracking request). Again, DO NOT re-enter data.

Resources and Support:

Data Reports available at eTIGER
  • Student Competency Profile (“Table” link from Rubric report screen)
  • Class Performance Data (“Print Table Class” button from Class Roster screen)
  • Rubric Class Data (“Rubric Class by Student” link from eTIGER menu under “report”)

Log on Problems - Contact Tina McNeal

eTIGER Q&A - “Help” link in eTIGER

Other Support
Last Update: January 15, 2015