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Textbook Adoption FAQ

PLEASE NOTE: This page is designed for schools and systems familiar with the Tennessee textbook adoption process. It is not intended to replace the Tennessee Department of Education web site for Textbook Services,, which contains the official information about the state's rules and regulations related to the textbook adoption process. This page is designed to help facilitate schools with frequently asked questions about the adoption of textbooks for the state career and technical education courses.

  1. Where is the official list of textbooks approved for adoption in Tennessee?

    • Go to the Tennessee Book Company web site Select Textbook (or Workbook) Catalog, and select the section appropriate for the program area.
  2. What is the procedure for handling adoption of a textbook if the state-approved list does not contain approved texts for a particular course?

    • There is a formal process for reviewing and adopting textbooks if a textbook has not been approved for adoption. Specific information on the local adoption process can be found at the Department's Textbook Adoption web site, The State Textbook Commission has developed Guidelines for Use of Textbook Programs Not on Contract for approved courses for which no textbook is included on the official list and/or technology-based courses for which local electronic hardware and/or software configurations require a textbook not included on the official list. Once the steps in the guidelines have been completed, the local adoption is reported to the Office of Textbook Services. Special permission or approval from the state is not required. Click below to view the guidelines and the list of courses to which the guidelines apply.
      1. Guidelinesdownload pdf file for adopting textbooks not on the approved list
      2. Listdownload pdf file of career and technical courses for which no textbook has been approved
  3. Are consortium materials or textbooks available for the Principles of Technology, Technical Math, Technical Algebra, Technical Geometry (new course), Biology for Technology, and English IV: Communication for Life)?

    • There sometimes is confusion about how to handle textbook adoption because some of these courses courses were originally developed as a part of consortium activities, which resulted in instructional materials specifically designed for the courses. The following may be of assistance in the adoption of textbooks for these courses:
      • The consortia which originally developed curricula no longer develops instructional materials for these courses as part of a consortium process. If you would like information about acquiring materials developed under the original consortium agreement, contact CORD at 1-800-231-3015.
      • Since textbook materials developed by the original consortium publisher are no longer a part of a consortium process, these materials are subject to the same review process as all other textbooks.
      • The textbook adoption process for these courses is the same as the adoption process referred to above. In cases where the course prepares students for a Gateway exam, the reviewer needs to give consideration to Gateway requirements as a part of the adoption process.
      • For state-approved textbooks for Biology/Biology for Technology, refer to Section III, Science; for English IV: Communication for Life, refer to Section II, Language Arts, for Technical Math, Technical Algebra, or Technical Geometry, refer to Section I, Mathematics.
      • Except for the courses in the list under Item #2, any decision to select an unlisted title for a course for which titles are included on the official list requires the special permission of the Commissioner of Education. Contact the Office of Textbook Services for details.

    *Note: Check for training requirements for new teachers of these courses.

  4. When does the state adopt textbooks for courses?

    • State textbooks are adopted in conjunction with the standards development cycle:
      (Go to select Tennessee Textbook Adoption Cycle.)
    • Biology for Technology and Principles of Technology are adopted in conjunction with the Science textbooks; Technical Math, Technical Algebra, and Technical Geometry are adopted in conjunction with the Math textbooks; and English IV: Communication for Life is adopted in conjunction with English/Language Arts textbooks.
  5. Where are standards for courses?