Data Requests

Please check the data available for download page for data needed before submitting a data request form. Many state-, district-, and school-level data sets are available for public use, however the department does not make student-level data available for public consumption. In reviewing requests for additional data, consideration is given to access permitted by statute and federal law, privacy concerns, security procedures, the availability of staff to monitor the data release and the perceived benefits of the research.

The department is continuously looking to enhance its relationships with leading education researchers. If you or your organization are interested in using TDOE data for research purposes, please inform the department by submitting a data request form below.

Tennessee Department of Education Research Priorities

As noted, data requests that require considerable TDOE effort will be evaluated partially by their connection to key departmental research priorities. Please review the department research priorities below before submitting a data request:

  1. How are educator preparation, qualifications, licensure, and compensation linked to student achievement and growth and educator effectiveness?
  2. What is the quality of implementation of our highest priority programs and initiatives, particularly the educator evaluation system and the transition to Common Core standards? What are the effects of these programs on students, teachers, and schools?
  3. To what extent do current district and school accountability policies accurately identify districts and schools and to what extent do these policies promote improvement in outcomes?
  4. What policies and interventions have been most effective in supporting students with special needs? What are district and school best practices around special education?
  5. How can we predict early which students are off track for meeting key educational milestones such as preparation for algebra or on-time high school graduation?
  6. Have the state’s school turnaround efforts and particularly the Achievement School District been effective? What practices have characterized these efforts and how might these practices inform future turnaround work?
  7. What are the characteristics of school and district leaders that best support student achievement, and which state policies and practices contribute to a leadership team that shares these characteristics?
  8. How can we use local, state, and federal resources more strategically to support student achievement? In particular, what professional development investments lead to the greatest teacher and student improvement?
  9. Which state, district, and school actions could be considered best practices?
  10. How ready are Tennessee public high school graduates for college and career?

The department takes personally identifiable data security very seriously. Individuals and/or organizations must have systems in place to ensure security, sign a memorandum of understanding, and align their work with the TDOE Research Priorities. Not all data requests, both confidential and non-confidential, will be granted. Priority will be given to requests that coincide with the TDOE stated research questions.

Data Request Form

Non-confidential Data Request Form

Confidential Data Request Application

Please provide as much information as possible as this will allow us to better serve you. We will respond to your requests within 30 days of request submission.

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Last Update: June 6, 2014