Information for LEAD Presenters

Thank you for submitting a proposal to present at the 2014 LEAD Conference. We are pleased that you will be presenting at this year’s conference! You will find information about the dress rehearsals and other information about presenting at the LEAD Conference below. We are incredibly excited about LEAD and looking forward to coming together and learning together in our common mission to support the success of our children.

LEAD Conference Logistics

  • The 2014 LEAD Conference is Oct. 27-29 at the Music City Center, Nashville.
  • Please register for the conference here. Select the “Presenter (Complimentary)” option. You may add up to two co-presenters at the discounted rate of $90.00 per person. To add co-presenters, click the “Add Registrant” link before submitting your order.
    • If you had registered for the LEAD conference prior to receiving an invite to present and would like to receive a refund for your registration fee, please email William Paine,
  • Please submit your finalized Session Title, Session Description and presenter information here by Sep. 19th. Guidelines for writing your session description are available here.

Dress Rehearsal Information

As part of your preparation for the conference, we ask all presenters (internal and external) to engage in a one-hour dress rehearsal calls.  These dress rehearsals will take place between Monday, Sep. 8 and Friday, Oct. 10. These calls are designed for presenters to walk through their presentations and receive feedback in preparation for the conference.

  • You should have received an email with the name of the point of contact for your dress rehearsal call on Sep. 5, 2014. Your point of contact will schedule your dress rehearsal call, and facilitate your dress rehearsal call along with another TDOE staff member.
  • Please provide your point of contact with the best number to reach you, and any co-presenters, for your scheduled dress rehearsal call. If you will require a conference line, please let your point of contact know, and he/she will schedule one for you.
  • Please send a substantive draft of your PowerPoint presentation and any supporting materials to your point of contact prior to the call so that they can follow along during your dress rehearsal call. In order to keep a consistent feel across the different sessions of the conference, we have created a customized LEAD PowerPoint template, available here, that we ask all participants to use.
  • Available here is a suggested framework for a presentation agenda for your reference as you plan your presentation.

Please contact your point of contact with any questions regarding your dress rehearsal.

Presentation Materials:

  • Presenters are responsible for providing their own materials for the session, including any handouts.
  • One week prior to the conference, the LEAD team will upload all the presentations to the TDOE LEAD Website along with all presentation materials and any supporting documents.
  • After your dress rehearsal, please send a finalized version of your PowerPoint and any other conference materials to by Oct. 15.

Presentation Logistics:

  • All presentation rooms for the LEAD Conference will have a projector, audio, and a screen, but presenters are responsible for bringing their own presentation and laptop and any necessary adapters (e.g., Apple computers to VGA).
  • The week of Oct. 13 you will receive an email with:
    • Final logistics information for your presentation including the room number and the date and time of your presentation, including the maximum number of participants you may have in your session.
    • A mock-up of the LEAD Conference program for you to review your session information.
  • Presenters receive final logistics reminders the week of Oct. 20, 2014.
  • If you will need accommodations and have not already booked your hotel room, information about hotels offering conference rates is available here.


  • Week of Sep. 8, 2014: Presenters receive confirmation of dress rehearsal time.
  • Sep. 8 – Oct. 10, 2014: Dress Rehearsals
  • By Sep. 19, 2014: Deadline to confirm session title and description and presenter information.
  • Week of Oct. 13, 2014: Presenters receive logistics information, including final time, room number, and location of conference sessions.
  • Oct. 15, 2014: Presenters send a finalized version of the PowerPoint and any other conference materials to
  • Week of Oct. 20, 2014: Presenters receive final logistics reminders.
  • Oct. 27-29, 2014: LEAD Conference

Contact Information

If you have any questions about LEAD, please contact:

  • Proposal Selection Questions: Rebecca E. Wright,
  • Dress Rehearsal Questions: Please contact your point of contact with any questions regarding your dress rehearsal.
  • Registration Questions: William Paine,
  • Presenter/Conference Logistics Questions: Barbara Denson,
Last Update: September 5, 2014