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Guidelines for Title III Consortia

Consortia for Title III will be arranged within the CORE Centers. Under the law [Section 3114 (b)], subgrants less than $10,000 may not be made by the State. In order for smaller entities to be granted Title III funds, districts must join consortia.  

Please consider the following:

  • Any district within that CORE center will be eligible to be a member of that consortium.
  • Stand alone districts are discouraged from, but not prohibited from, being consortia members.
  • Districts with less than $10,000 in Title III funds may either join the consortia in their CORE center or they may choose to release their funds.
  • No district in any Core center may be excluded if they wish to join the consortium.
  • Should a consortium be very large, the group could decide to divide into two smaller consortia within that CORE center.
  • Each consortium will plan, budget and deliver services. The consortium does not have to use the same program design within each district, nor are they held to using the same program design within each school within the district.
  • The members of a consortium may choose the fiscal agent by consensus or the member with the highest allocation will automatically become the fiscal agent.  This duty will rotate to the second highest, the second year; the third highest the third year, etc.
  • The fiscal agent for the consortium may retain the indirect costs for the consortium.
  • Consortia should seek guidance from the CORE Center and Jan Lanier (615) 532-6314 or in the Title III Department of the Special Populations at the Tennessee Department of Education.