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Title II Part D: "Ed-Tech"

Title II Part D was not reauthorized by the US Department of Education. There are no more funds being allocated to this program.

Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT)

The principal goal of the Enhancing Education Through Technology program is to improve student achievement through the use of technology in the classroom.  In addition, it is also designed to assist every student in becoming technologically literate by the end of the eighth grade and to encourage the effective integration of technology resources and systems with teacher training and professional development to establish research-based instructional models.

Linda Stachera, Title II-D Project Director

Formula Funding

50% of Title IID funds are allocated annually on a formula basis.  Formula funding is distributed to all school districts in TN.  School districts establish how they will use these funds by selecting approved activities, evidences, and effectiveness options in their Consolidated Application.  Districts must use 25% of their Title II-D formula funding for professional development.  Title II-D is monitored by ESEA consultants and fiscal consultants who reside in the Tennessee Department of Education’s Division of LEA Support and Improvement.  LEAs must address their district-wide technology plan in their Tennessee Comprehensive System-wide Planning Process (TCSPP) documents.

Competitive Funding

The remaining 50% of these funds are used for a discretionary program called e4TN.  e4TN develops and implements online courses for Tennessee students.  This initiative has helped students receive a fair and equitable education despite obstacles.  Students who are homebound due to illness, for example, can enroll in online classes and continue their education through virtual learning.  Students who live in rural areas where their LEAs do not have enough teachers in specialized areas can enroll in courses such as physics, art history, and foreign language.  Gifted and special needs students can take courses to fit their individual needs.

An e4TN base development grant was awarded to Hamilton County Schools to develop and implement online courses.  e4TN is housed in Hamilton County Schools and employs computer programmers, graphic designers, and other personnel who help develop and deliver online courses to students (primarily high school, but expanding to middle school) across Tennessee.  Concurrent with course development, Beta-Test Pilot Sites receive funding to test and deliver online courses.  These seven (7) BTP sites are Bedford County Schools, Bradley County Schools, Dickson County Schools, Kingsport City Schools, Lake County Schools, Tipton County Schools, and Wilson County Schools.

Competitive Funding

In an effort to further promote online learning, the e4TN program was expanded using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus funds to extend on-line learning to even more school systems.   Sixty (60) LEAs received e4000TN funding to purchase equipment and/or hire personnel to utilize e4TN online courses in their schools.  LEAs also each received vouchers to pay for seats in online courses for students in public schools and participating private schools.  Currently, the e4000TN Base Hub is located in Wilson County Schools.  Three branches were awarded funding to help coordinate the e4000TN program and provide professional development.  Branches are Tipton County Schools (west TN), Wilson County Schools (middle TN), and Hamilton County Schools (east TN).