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2014 Governor's Schools Application FAQ

Can the forms for the 2014 application for the Governor’s Schools be separated into individual files so that multiple people can work with their portion of the application at the same time?

We have separated the forms for the sciences application (the application used by all schools with the exception of the Governor’s School for the Arts). The following are the links for the individual files:



Test Data

Is the Application Complete?

School Counselor Recommendation

Personal Data

Teacher Reference

Certification of Application



Note: Individuals with the free Adobe Reader ( should be able to enter, save, edit, and transmit these forms.


In what manner should applications be transmitted to the individual Governor’s Schools?

All of the Governor’s Schools, with the exception of the Governor’s School for the Arts, prefer to receive the applications electronically. Please choose the means of transmission that you consider to be the most secure. To ensure greater security, please print the form, sign it, and scan it into a PDF file before sending the application. Contact information for each Governor’s School is available on page S of the application.

Please submit the paper application to the Governor’s School for the Arts.


What are the due dates for applications?

The application for the Governor’s School for the Arts is due Nov. 6, 2013. Applications for all other Governor’s Schools must be postmarked by Dec. 7, 2013. (All applications must be submitted by the school counselor or principal.)

Important: School counselors or principals frequently set an earlier due date for materials to be submitted to school counselors to allow them to complete and submit the application with required information to the individual Governor’s Schools.


Where can I find information on eligibility requirements and other information about the Governor’s School programs?

The applications for the Governor’s Schools contain information about student eligibility, program dates, application requirements, and answers to many other questions. Please refer to the application. It is important to review both the general information and the information for each school in which a student is interested in attending.


For additional information, please contact Lynne Cohen at or (615) 532-2837 or the individual Governor’s Schools. (Their contact information is on page S of the application.)