2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey Results
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Tennessee (Urban) Middle School

This CD contains results from your 2013 YRBS.  Use the menu above to access results, technical resources, data files, and reference materials.

What has been changed for the 2013 YRBS?

·         Trend Report: Trend reports are enhanced to make interpretation and sharing of the results easier. Site-added questions are included in addition to standard questions.

·    Sample Statistics: Design effect is calculated in a new way for the sample statistics report.  This change is explained in the “Sample Statistics Documentation” and in the footnote of the sample statistics report.

·    Data files: Files used in SAS and SPSS come in a different format than in the past so that they will work with all versions of SAS and SPSS.

·    Documentation: All documentation is updated to make it easier to read and use.

What is new for the 2013 YRBS?

·    Sexual Minority Reports: If your YRBS questionnaire included questions on the sexual identity and/or sex of sexual partners, this CD contains report(s) comparing the risk behaviors of sexual minority students with non-sexual minority students.

·    Academic Achievement Report: If your YRBS questionnaire included the question on grades earned in school, this CD contains a report describing how risk behaviors vary by academic achievement.

·    10-year Trend Report: If your site has many years of data, this CD contains a second trend report that includes data from just the past 10 years.


Visit www.cdc.gov/yrbs for more information about the YRBS.

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