Information for Administrators

Scheduling Resources

Successful implementation of RTI2 requires an effective master schedule that allows ample time to provide intervention.  Download sample schedules submitted by LEAs across Tennessee to be used as an optional resource.

Fidelity of Implementation

Fidelity is the accuracy or extent to which materials and other curricula are used as intended by the author/publisher. Fidelity monitoring is the systematic monitoring by a responsible instructional leader (e.g. principal, instructional coach) to determine the extent to which the delivery of an intervention adheres to the protocols or program models as originally developed.

Fidelity of Tier I

Fidelity of Tier II

School & District RTI2 Teams

As stated in the Guiding Principles, leadership and a culture of collaboration are essential to the success of the RTI2 Framework. This is not a process led by special education. It is a joint effort led by general education.

School RTI2 Teams

LEAs will have a description of the members of the school level RTI2 support teams and their roles. These teams meet regularly to ensure the fidelity of the instruction and interventions, as well as make data-based decisions regarding appropriate student placement in interventions. Schools teams will ensure that interventions are implemented with integrity. When placing students in interventions, it will require reviewing and discussing student data and student attendance in interventions. Interventions must be matched to specific area(s) of deficit for each student.

Download School Team Assignments.

District RTI2 Teams

LEAs will have a description of the members of the District RTI2 Leadership Team and their roles. This team meets regularly to ensure the fidelity of the RTI2 process. Typically, this involves looking at district data to ensure that Tier I instruction is meeting the needs of 80-85% of students and that Tier II and Tier III interventions are meeting the needs of 15-20% of students.

The District RTI2 Leadership Team needs a designated chair or facilitator and will be comprised of a diverse and representative group of people, which may include: administrators, educational staff (including teachers, specialists, school psychologists, etc.), and possibly parents. This team works to organize professional development, set and monitor timelines for implementation, and guide the implementation of RTI2.

Download District Team Assignments.


Last Update: May 5, 2014