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TASL Credit at LEAD 2012

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How much TASL credit can I earn by attending LEAD?

  • Attendees can earn 7 hours of TASL credit at LEAD.

What do I need to do to earn the 7 hours of credit?

  • At registration, pick up a Professional Development Attendance Card.
  • Complete all ID information on the card.
  • A box at the bottom of the card will include a listing of session times. As you attend breakout sessions, enter the session ID on the blank. At the conclusion of the session, the session facilitator will give you a passcode to write on the card. This is very important because you will not be given credit for the session without the code.
  • At the conclusion of the conference, turn your card in at the registration desk.

Are there specific requirements for which sessions I must attend in order to earn credit?

  • You will automatically receive 2 hours of credit for the two general sessions at LEAD.
  • You must attend 5 additional hours of breakout sessions in order to earn 7 hours of TASL credit at LEAD.

Can I earn partial credit if I do not attend the required number of sessions?

  • No. Credit will only be awarded for attendees who have completed the required 7 hours.

For other questions or more information regarding earning TASL Credit at the LEAD 2012 conference, contact:

Carla Cushman, TASL Director
Phone:(615) 532-4741