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State Minimum Requirement Endorsements


The applicant must have a valid teaching license. A minimum of 12 semester hours in literature of the Bible is required. Coursework may not include courses in theology, doctrine, ethics, dogma and other courses of a doctrinal nature.

Driver Education

The applicant must have a valid teaching license and hold a secondary endorsement (grades 7-12 or K-12) and shall complete at minimum of 10 semester hours of driver and traffic safety education including the following areas:

  • Basic driver and traffic safety education
  • Advanced driver and traffic safety education
  • General safety
  • First aid and emergency medical services

School Food Service Supervisor

The applicant shall hold a bachelor's degree and the applicant shall be a licensed educator or shall have completed at least 18 semester hours in education, psychology, or sociology. The applicant shall complete 12 semester hours including course work in each of the following:

  • Personnel management
  • Nutrition
  • Accounting, cost analysis, or financial management of food systems, and
  • Spread sheet applications

The applicant shall complete one of the following:

  • Field experience of 6 semester hours, or
  • Professional experience-supervised by a licensed school food service supervisor— of at least 120 (check) clock hours including the following areas: procurement, quantity foods, design and layout, and sanitation and food safety.


The applicant must have a valid license endorsed in principal, supervisor of instruction, or administration/supervision. The applicant shall have at least a master's degree. The applicant must have 5 years acceptable experience which shall include teaching and/or administration. The applicant shall have a graduate major in educational administration and supervision or a minimum of 20 graduate semester hours in administration, supervision, and related courses. The following courses must be completed:

  • School organization and administration
  • Supervision
  • Curriculum development
  • School finance
  • School plant and transportation
  • School and community relations

Supervisor of Attendance

The applicant must have a valid teacher license. The applicant must have 5 years of teaching experience. The applicant must complete a minimum of 8 semester hours of coursework in the following areas:

  • Counseling and guidance
  • Community and school relations
  • Special Education
  • Social case work
  • State and federal laws relating to school attendance

Application Form Instructions

Download the application to add an endorsement(s) to an existing Tennessee teaching license or apply and upload forms using the online license application. If an add-on endorsement is completed out-of-state, see requirements for completing licensure requirements in another state.