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Data, Testing & Report Card

The Tennessee Department of Education has set measurable goals for improving the education system at every level and uses data to continually monitor its growth. The department also strives to expand public access to this information, so many of our measures can be found in public reports posted on our website each year.

Through First to the Top and the department’s new accountability system, Tennessee set out to raise student achievement levels and reduce achievement gaps between groups of students. The department creates reports on achievement and accountability to reflect how schools and districts are doing at meeting these ambitious but attainable goals.

Additionally, Tennessee uses assessment data to measure student growth through the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System, or TVAAS. This statistical analysis of student achievement over time also provides insight on “teacher effect” in the classroom.

TCAP Results

State- and district-level data from the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) are provided here. This TCAP data includes the results 3-8 Achievement and high school End of Course exams as well as achievement gap results.

Report Card

The annual Report Card is a comprehensive showcase of state, district and school-level data for each school year. The Report Card includes demographics, achievement results, accountability progress, value-added data, attendance figures, graduation rate and more.

Accountability: School & District

In accordance with Tennessee’s new accountability system, designed through the state’s waiver from No Child Left Behind, the Tennessee Department of Education selects Reward, Priority and Focus schools.

Districts are measured on their abilities to raise overall achievement and close gaps between groups of students and are designated as Exemplary, In Need of Improvement and/or In Need of Subgroup Improvement.

Data available for download

The Tennessee Department of Education strives to improve public access to information and data. In accordance with this goal, the department has made a set of publically available district- and school-level files for download.

Data Requests

Requests for Tennessee Department of Education data should be made through the above link. Please check the data available for download section for pertinent data before submitting a formal data request.

Researchers, please inform the department of the projects and outcomes in which Tennessee data is used.

Testing Information: TCAP, NAEP & Other Assessments

To track student outcomes, Tennessee conducts the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP), which includes achievement tests in grades 3-8 and End of Course exams in high school.

For more information and to access all resources available for each assessment program, click on one of the links on the left side of the linked web page.

Reports & Additional Resources

The Annual Statistical Report, School Health Profile and a number of other state-level annual releases can be found in the link above.