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HIV Education, Family Life and Teen Pregnancy Prevention

CSH Logo jpg.jpgNOTE: This section contains HIV prevention messages that may not be appropriate for all audiences. If you are not seeking such information or may be offended by such material, please exit this website.

HIV/AIDS Prevention

As a part of Coordinated School Health, our HIV/AIDS goal is to increase the classroom teacher’s capacity to provide effective, science-based HIV Prevention education to school-age youth as required by Tennessee State Board of Education’s Lifetime Wellness Standards.  In this section you will find frequently asked questions, federal and state rules and regulations, resources, and information on our teacher training cadre at Middle Tennessee State University.

HIV/AIDS Prevention Education is a part of the Coordinated School Health Plan:

  • Health Education: HIV Education/Curriculum
  • Physical Education/Physical Activity: Physically active kids are lower risk factors and girls in sports lower their risk of HIV
  • Health Services: Treating students with HIV or STD/STI's or refer them to providers
  • Nutrition Services: Students with HIV need good nutrition
  • Health Promotion of Staff: Treating staff with HIV or STD/STI's/counseling staff with relationship problems/staff being good role models for students
  • Counseling and Psychological Services: Counsel students affected by HIV/healthy relationships also prevention
  • Healthy School Environment: Policies on HIV prevention/caring surroundings
  • Parent/Community Involvement: Parent/child communication involving families in HIV education


Additional Information

CDC Healthy Youth! Risk Behaviors

CDC New Hope for Stopping HIV

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County Rankings of Teen Birth Rates in Tennessee

HIV/AIDS Standardsdownload pdf file

Family Life Curriculum Laws

T.C.A. 49-6-1301 - Family Life Curriculum - Part Definitions

T.C.A. 49-6-1302 - Curriculum for Family Life Education

T.C.A. 49-6-1303 - Assistance in Teaching Family Life

T.C.A. 49-6-1304 - Family Life Instruction

T.C.A. 49-6-1305 - Notification of Parents and Legal Guardians - Excusing Students from Familiy Life Instruction

T.C.A. 49-6-1306 - Complaint by Parent or Legal Guardian - Cause of Auction by Parent or Guardian

T.C.A. 49-6-1307 - Instruction of Sexual Education to Comply With Part - Scientific Study of Reproductive System Permitted

Fact Sheet on HIV/AIDS Among Youthdownload pdf file

Suggested HIV/AIDS Curriculumdownload pdf file

HIV/AIDS Review Panel Guidelinesdownload pdf file

Teen Pregnancy Preventiondownload pdf file

Teacher Training Cadre Information