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Students in front of Blackman High SchoolThe Tennessee Department of Education aims to expand families’ access to quality schools and provide them with pertinent information about schools in their area.

You may use our school district locator to determine the public school systems in your county, and our school directory to look up contact information for specific districts and schools.

Tennessee strives for each district and school to improve student outcomes and reduce achievement gaps every year. The state tracks their progress through achievement and accountability measures, including an annual Report Card.

Visit the Curriculum page to learn more about Tennessee's education standards, designed to prepare students for college and 21st-century careers.

Visit the School Options and Directory page to see public, charter, private, non-public and home school options in Tennessee.

Some districts in Tennessee offer public charter schools, which are operated by independent, non-profit governing bodies. A list of current charter schools in Tennessee, answers to frequently asked questions and additional information can be found on the charter schools page.

The state is also home to hundreds of non-public schools. Basic information on home schooling and private schools can also be found on the department website.