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This checklist is designed to assist your school system in better understanding the requirements of the legislation to provide an equitable learning environment.

This self-assessment will guide your school system through a review of the five major civil rights laws: Civil Rights Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Title IX, Age Discrimination Act, and Americans with Disabilities Act. After reviewing policies and practices relating to these laws, your school system will have an improved understanding of how to comply with the Office for Civil Rights requirements.

The purpose of this checklist is to assist your educational entity in preparing for an on-site Civil Rights Review. You can use this tool to review your school's policies and practices and prepare for an on-site review.

This will provide an opportunity for the responses to the Standards questions to be recorded in a simple, private manner. In addition, a portion of the report allows for planning for modification of policies and procedures. The Report can be downloaded and then answered by directly entering answers in the Word document or by printing and then utilizing it in hard copy format.

The format provides an easy and confidential method to record the educational entity/district responses to the self-assessment questions. In addition, the report provides an area for planning, improvement, and further consideration.

III. Guidance and Counseling Section

A. Guidance Standard

B. Career Related Learning Standard

IV. Equal Opportunity Section

A. Employment Standard