Principal Study Council

The purpose of the Principals Study Council is to promote the continuous improvement of public education in Tennessee by communicating to the State Board of Education and/or the department suggestions for improving education, including task force reports, position papers, and recommendations. Providing in-service education opportunities that are designed to develop the leadership skills of principals is key.


Membership in the Principals’ Study Council is open to every public school principal, assistant principal and administrator in a similar position.



In order to provide a more direct opportunity for active participation in its activities, to keep the council responsive to the needs of its members, and to facilitate more direct cooperation between the department and the principals of the state, the Principals’ Study Council is organized into Area Study Councils for the purpose of disseminating and gathering information.

There are eighteen (18) Area Study Councils presently functioning across the state. Areas are identified in the following map (click to enlarge).


2013-14 Steering Committee

2013-14 Executive Board

Last Update: January 21, 2015