Tennessee Academy for School Leaders

One of the department's strategic priorities is ensuring that all students in Tennessee have access to highly effective teachers and principals. As such, the Tennessee Academy for School Leaders (TASL) provides high-quality professional learning opportunities for building-level principals, assistant principals and instructional supervisors, aligned with the Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards (TILS).

Tennessee seeks to transform what it means to be an effective leader at all phases of a leader’s career by setting high standards for effective leadership based on research and best practice, supporting leaders to reach those standards, and empowering districts to build a network of exceptional instructional leaders who get results.

TASL Guidelines

  • Newly hired administrators and supervisors are required to register with TASL.
  • To advance an administrative license, beginning assistant principals, principals, and superivsors must successfully complete a TASL-sponsored induction academy
  • For an administrative license to remain active, administrators must complete 28 hours of TASL-approved professional learning within two years of the cycle start date. All cycles begin on July 1 of the fiscal year in which the individual assumes an administrative position. All cycles end on June 30.
  • Professional organizations, school districts, state agencies and others may offer learning events pre-approved for TASL credit by the department's Division of Teachers and Leaders. Individual attendees may not apply for credit for events that have not been approved through the sponsoring organization.
  • School administrators and supervisors with fifteen or more years of experience in Tennessee as administrators or supervisors may be exempted from participation in TASL unless the local Board of Education requires attendance. Applications for exemptions must be filed with the TASL office. The exemption application may be downloaded from the gray box to at the top right of this page.

Who is TASL Mandated?

The following lists are not all inclusive but are meant to serve as helpful guidelines for determining which school system positions are required to attend the TASL programs to comply with Tennessee Code Annotated 49-5-5703. Responsibility for compliance rests with the individual administrator.

Mandated Positions

These administrators clearly work in administrative roles and are mandated to attend.

Position TASL Code
Assistant Principal, Correction 828
Supervisor/Coordinator of Instruction, Elementary 815
Supervisor/Coordinator of Instruction, Middle School/Jr. High 814
Supervisor/Coordinator of Instruction, Secondary 816
Supervisor/Coordinator of Instruction, K-12 817
Supervisor/Coordinator of Instruction, Vocational 818
Supervisor/Coordinator of Instruction, Special Education 819
Supervisor/Coordinator, Title I 820
Supervisor/Coordinator, Federal Programs 833
Supervisor/Coordinator, School to Career (Education Edge) 835
Program Assistant 807
Instructional Coordinator 832
Vocational Director 841
Position TASL Code
Principal, Elementary


Principal, Middle School/Jr. High


Principal, Secondary


Principal, K-12


Principal, Vocational


Principal, Special Education


Principal, Correction


Assistant Principal, Elementary


Assistant Principal, Middle School/Jr. High


Assistant Principal, Secondary


Assistant Principal, K-12


Assistant Principal, Vocational


Curriculum Coordinator


Possibly Mandated Positions

These positions may be mandated depending upon job description. Administrators who spend 50% or more of their time in direct delivery of instructional services to teachers, principals, instructional, administrative or supervisory/directory personnel, are mandated by law to attend. The director of schools has the final responsibility to decide if an administrator in one of these categories is mandated.

Position TASL Code
Technology Coordinator


Teaching Principal


Teaching Assistant Principal


Supervisor/Coord, ABE


Other System-wide Mandated


Assistant Superintendents/Area Directors


Non-Mandated Positions

These positions are not Tennessee Academy for School Leaders mandated. By job description these positions require less than 50% of job time in direct delivery of instructional services to teachers, principals, instructional, administrative or supervisory/directory personnel. The director of schools has the final responsibility to decide if an administrator in one of these categories is mandated.

  • Attendance Teacher/Supervisor Materials Supervisor
  • School Counselor
  • Supervisor/Director of ABE
  • School Psychologist
  • Supervisor of Personnel
  • Special Education School Psychologist
  • Supervisor of Transportation
  • School Food Service Supervisor
  • Supervisor of Finance
  • School Social Worker
  • Other System-wide Non-Mandated

Frequently Asked Questions

How do administrators and supervisors find TASL-approved professional learning opportunities?

View TASL Events here.

All TASL-sponsored events are offered at no cost to participants.  However, participants are responsible for any travel expenses they may incur. Registration opens in mid-April for academies that begin next fall.

TASL-approved events sponsored by outside entities may have associated costs. Attendance reporting is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

TASL credit is available for attendees at the annual LEAD and TETC conferences.

How do administrators and supervisors register for TASL-sponsored events?

Participants can submit an application by fax to (615) 532.8312 or by email to TASL.Information@tn.gov

Participants receive an email confirmation immediately upon registration acceptance. This confirmation will include a "fact sheet" that details directions to the event venue, starting and ending times, meetng dates, and other logistical information.

If you have been accepted into a TASL event and find that you are unable to attend, please do not send another person in your place. Contact TASL.Information@tn.gov immediately to cancel your reservation. This will allow individuals on the waiting list to be notified.

How can administrators and supervisors check their TASL status?

Cycle end-dates and number of hours needed to fulfill requirements may be viewed at the CHECK HOURS link at the side of this page. The TASL PIN and password are needed.  If the PIN and password are unknown, participants should contact TASL.Information@tn.gov

Can any of the TASL Academies be used to meet the professional growth plan requirement for advancement from the BAL to the PAL?

Completion of the Beginning Principals’ Academy, the Assistant Principals’ Academy, or the Beginning Supervisors’ Academy meets the professional growth plan requirement for license advancement.  In addition to meeting the licensure advancement requirement, participants in these two-year academies receive 56 hours of TASL credit.


Last Update: November 12, 2014