Tennessee Academy for School Leaders

An essential priority of the Tennessee Department of Education is ensuring that all schools in Tennessee have effective teachers and leaders who get the feedback and support needed to continually improve student outcomes.  The Tennessee Academy for School Leaders (TASL) provides high-quality professional learning opportunities for principals, assistant principals, and instructional supervisors, aligned with the Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards (TILS).

Tennessee is transforming what it means to be an effective leader at all phases of a leader’s career by setting high standards for effective leadership based on research and best practice, supporting leaders to reach those standards, and empowering districts to build a network of exceptional instructional leaders who get results.

TASL Guidelines

  • Newly hired administrators and supervisors are required to register with TASL.
  • Beginning assistant principals, principals, and supervisors must successfully complete a TASL-sponsored induction academy to advance an administrative license. Experienced administrators (more than 3 years of experience) who wish to advance a beginning administrator license must successfully complete the University Partner Path.
  • All Active administrators must complete 28 hours of TASL-approved professional learning within two years of the cycle start date. All cycles begin on July 1 of the fiscal year in which the individual assumes an administrative position. All cycles end on June 30.  Educators holding administrative licenses but not employed in positions requiring TASL hours do not need to earn TASL hours.  You can check your hours here.
  • Professional organizations, school districts, state agencies, and others may offer learning events pre-approved for TASL credit by the department's Division of Teachers and Leaders. Individual attendees may not apply for credit.
  • School administrators and supervisors with fifteen or more years of administrative experience in Tennessee may apply for exemption from participation in TASL unless their local Board of Education requires participation. An application for exemption must be filed with the TASL office.

Who is Required to Earn TASL Credits?

Administrators are required to earn TASL credits if they spend 50% or more of their time in direct delivery of instructional services to the following:  teachers, principals, and/or other educators in administrative or supervisory positions. Directors of Schools may choose to mandate any district position at their discretion.

The following lists are not all inclusive, but are meant to serve as helpful guidelines for determining which school system positions are required to comply with Tennessee Code Annotated 49-5-5703 by earning 28 hours of TASL credit every two years. Because job titles vary across the state, job responsibilities determine TASL status. It is the obligation of the individual administrator or supervisor to remain current with TASL hours in order to maintain an active license.

Positions Required to Earn TASL Credit
  • Assistant Principal – K-12
  • Assistant Principal – Correction
  • Assistant Principal – Special Education
  • Assistant Principal – Vocational
  • Principal – K-12
  • Principal – Correction
  • Principal – Special Education
  • Principal – Vocational
  • Supervisor/Coordinator of Instruction
  • Supervisor/Coordinator of Instruction, Special Education
  • Supervisor/Coordinator, Title I
  • Supervisor/Coordinator, Federal Programs
  • Supervisor/Coordinator, School to Career
  • Supervisor – Special Education
  • Supervisor – Staff Development
  • Supervisor – Alternative School
  • Supervisor – Student Life
  • Coordinator, Career and Technical Education
  • Vocational Director
  • Curriculum Coordinator (district level)
  • Department of Correction
  • Department of Mental Health
Positions Not Required to Earn TASL Credit
  • Attendance Teacher/Supervisor
  • Interim Principal
  • Interim Assistant Principal
  • Instructional Coach
  • Librarian
  • Literacy Specialist/Coordinator
  • Principal – Interim
  • Principal – Adult Basic Education
  • School Counselor
  • Supervisor/Director – Adult Basic Education
  • School Psychologist
  • School Board – Member 
  • School Board – Chair
  • Supervisor of Personnel
  • Supervisor/Coordinator, Transportation
  • Supervisor, School Food Service
  • School Social Worker
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Supervisor – Human Resources
  • Instructional Facilitator
  • Athletic Director
  • College or University Staff
  • Teacher
  • Lead Teacher
  • Curriculum Coordinator (building-level)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do administrators and supervisors find and register for TASL-approved professional learning opportunities?

There are many opportunities to earn the required 28 credit hours every 2 years throughout the calendar year. Information about registration can be found on the event website; new events are posted as they are approved. 

How can administrators and supervisors check their TASL status?

Cycle end-dates and number of hours needed by that end-date may be viewed via the TPD Login Page.  Your personalized PIN and password are needed to login. If your PIN and password are unknown, please contact TASL.Information@tn.gov.  Include your license number with your request.  Please keep your PIN and password in a safe place for future access.

Why are my TASL hours not appearing on my page?

A TASL account page shows personal information as well as the cycle end date and credit hours needed; a list of specific events will not appear. The system counts hours down. For example, a 0 indicates that all required hours for the current cycle have been satisfied.

The TASL office must receive attendance records from event organizers in order to credit participants’ accounts.  For large events such as the annual LEAD conference, it may take several weeks for credits to appear.

How do I update my personal information?

Personal information can only be updated by the TASL Coordinator. Please send update requests to TASL.information@tn.gov.  Be sure to include your license number with any update requests.

How do I renew or convert my beginning administrative license?

See the Educator Licensing page for more information.

How do I advance my beginning administrative license?

In order to advance a beginning administrative license, an administrator must:

  • Hold a position that requires TASL credit.
  • Complete the appropriate pathway based on years of administrative experience: TASL Induction Academy or University Partner Pathway.
  • Accrue the necessary TASL credit by cycle end-date.
  • Complete and submit all appropriate paperwork, including all necessary signatures, to the TASL office upon completion of the two year cycle.

More information on license advancement can be found on our Educator Licensing page.

My question is not answered here.  How can I get more information?

For questions regarding your TASL account or credit hours, e-mail TASL.information@tn.gov and include your license number with your correspondence. For other support, please e-mail TASL Director Martha Moore at Martha.Moore@tn.gov.

Last Update: March 13, 2015