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Archaeology Staff

Barnett, Jennifer
Federal Programs Archaeologist
615-741-1588, ext. 105
SHPO archaeological services; historical archaeology

Deter-Wolf, Aaron
Prehistoric Archaeologist
615-741-1588, ext. 120
Prehistoric archaeology, Archaic Studies, Public Archaeology

Hoyal, Suzanne
Site File Curator
615-741-1588, ext. 104
Site records management; publications; prehistoric textile studies

Lawrence, Bill
Prehistoric Archaeologist

Levithol, Sarah
Archaeologist 2
615-741-1588, ext. 115

Moore, Mike
Director and State Archaeologist
615-741-1588, ext. 109
Division operations and budget; prehistoric archaeology; Mississippian studies

Nance, Ben
Historical Archaeologist
615-741-1588, ext. 117
Historic site thematic surveys; Civil War studies; early settler

Norton, Mark
State Programs Archaeologist
615-741-1588, ext. 113
State agency and lands review; permits; Paleoindian studies

Silcox, Paige
Archaeologist 1
615-741-1588, ext. 110
Site records management

Swann, Glendon
Administrative Secretary
615-741-1588, ext. 101
Administrative Services