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Rebates for the Nissan LEAF

Nissan Leaf

A $2,500 state rebate is available for qualifying participants who purchase a Nissan LEAF S, SV, or SL model with DC Fast Charge capabilities. They must take delivery, sign an EV Project participant agreement, and complete installation of a Blink 240V networked charge station.

To qualify, LEAF owners must also own their home, intend on residing there a minimum of two years, reside in a valid State of Tennessee zip code, and be willing to share their LEAF charging data as part of the EV Project. Program participants will be provided a free Blink 240V, networked charge station and possibly a credit, up to a certain dollar amount, toward installation.

The State EV Rebate is processed through Nissan dealerships. For more information, you can contact Nissan directly by calling 1 (877) NO GAS EV or (877) 664-2738.

Enrollment in the national EV Project will close January 31, 2013.

An application doesn't guarantee participation, but if you think you might be eligible and are interested in participating please apply now.

Contact Blink Support at 1.888.998.2546 or email us at should you have any questions

Nissan Leaf

Step-by-Step Details

  1. Visit your Nissan dealer and test drive the Zero Emissions Nissan LEAF with DC fast charge capabilities. Reach an agreement with the dealer to consumate a vehicle purchase.
  2. Call the EV Project Helpline at (888) 998-2548 for assistance completing an EV Project survey to determine if you're a potential program candidate. EV Project Survey
  3. Your Nissan dealer will then assist you with the $2,500 Tennessee State EV Rebate. You can take advantage of this rebate immediately by having the dealer reduce the vehicle sale price by $2500 or the dealer will issue a $2500 check once all EV Project requirements are met, including the installation of your charger, and the rebate has been received from the State.
  4. Your Nissan dealer will help you complete the forms necessary to participate in the EV Project and will apply for the Tennessee State EV Rebate.
  5. ECOtality, the administrator managing the EV Project, will contact you and make arrangements to have a certified contractor arrange a site assessment and installation.
  6. Once your free Blink Residential home charger is installed, the State of Tennessee will process the rebate request and provide the rebate to your Nissan dealer. If you are due a check, it will be issued by the dealership after the rebate has been received from the State.
  7. As you use your Blink Charger to fuel your Nissan LEAF, ECOtality will remotely collect data on your charging habits. You're also encouraged to use the Blink Network of Public Charging Stations.

Those who have already enrolled in the EV Project and taken ownership of their Nissan LEAF are still eligible to apply for the rebate retroactively. These LEAF owners should contact their Nissan dealer for more information.