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Rebates for the Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

A $2,500 state rebate is available for qualifying purchasers of the Chevrolet Volt that qualify for and participate in The EV Project. All models of the Volt are eligible.

The EV project will provide participants with a free Blink 240V networked charge station and possibly a credit up to a certain dollar amount toward its installation.

To be eligible, Tennessee residents must sign an EV Project participant agreement, purchase the Volt, take delivery of the car, and have SPX Corporation install their Blink charge station.

Enrollment in the national EV Project will close January 31, 2013.

An application doesn't guarantee participation, but if you think you might be eligible and are interested in participating please apply now.

Contact Blink Support at 1.888.998.2546 or email us at should you have any questions.

Volt owners who have already purchased and taken delivery of their vehicles are still eligible for the rebate if they are accepted into The EV Project. Consumers should contact the original selling dealer to inquire about retroactive rebates.

Rebate Requirements

To qualify for the rebate and a free Blink 240V charge station, consumers must:

  • Be an approved participant and sign The EV Project Residential Participation Agreement. For more information or to get started with ECOtality's EV Project incentive program, please contact SPX at 1-877-805-3873.
  • Purchase a new or used Volt from a certified Tennessee Chevrolet Volt Dealer. Leasing is not eligible.
  • Live in a single family or multi-family home in Tennessee with access to a private parking spot.
  • Have SPX Corporation install the Blink 240V charge station.
  • Agree to pay for any installation costs above the installation credit amount determine by ECOtality.
  • Allow collection of data regarding the energy used, along with time and duration of charger use. No personal information is shared or included in the analyzed data.
  • Maintain an in-home Internet connection to transmit the charging station data until The EV Project concludes.

Rebate Process

Tennessee Chevrolet Volt Dealers may process the rebates in one of two ways: (a) issue the rebate after the customer has completed all of The EV Project requirements or (b) issue the rebate at the time of purchase in the form of a reduced purchase price. Consumers should speak with their Chevrolet dealer regarding the option available to them.