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Tennessee Green Star Partnership

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The Tennessee Green Star Partnership (TGSP) is TDEC's premier recognition program for businesses and organizations. We are strongly committed to promoting sustainable practices throughout all of your business processes. TGSP has three levels of advancement: One Star, Two Star and Three Star Partners, with Three Star being the highest level of achievement. Unlike our previous program, a business or organization may enter at any of the three levels, provided the prerequisites and requirements from the lower level(s) are met at the time of application. The partnership is divided into two tracks, the EMS track and the Sustainable Business track. The EMS Track is for larger businesses that either have an environmental management system in place or have a written commitment to develop an EMS within one year's time. The Sustainable Business Track is for any type of smaller organization, including such companies as hospitality businesses, small agricultural entities or non-governmental organizations. The EMS Track is a "menu" system, where businesses can choose from various types of projects under certain categories to meet the requirements for each Star level. The Sustainable Business Track application is a point driven checklist, covering ten different aspects of sustainability.

Current benefits of the program for either track include:

  • Inclusion in a “Green Business Directory”, which is under development and will be a major feature of our webpage in late 2013;
  • Proactive promotion of your company by the Office of Sustainable Practices;
  • Use of the Tennessee Green Star Partnership logo on your own website and promotional materials, as well as logoed displays, such as storefront identification or a flag for your facility; and
  • Educational opportunities, such as webinars and workshops at a discounted or free rate

We are also working towards additional incentives pending approval through the department.